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HRC’s Hate Crime Answer

Human Rights Campaign prides itself on many things, one of which comes in the form of their legislative scorecard. Basically a politician report card, the tally rates individual politicos on their gay friendly votes. The non-profit scored “nay” non-inclusive ENDA votes against politicians, so we were wondering what they were going to do about this hate crime mess.

Well, we just got off the phone with a Human Rights Campaign spokesperson [note the trans-inclusion] who passed on legislative director Allison Herwitt’s word on whether the non-profit will score “nay” hate crimes votes against politicians: hate crimes mess:

Allison told me that we scored the hate crimes bill in the house and the hate crimes amendment in the Senate. We have no position on the underlying bill, the defense bill the hate crimes was attached to, so we’re not going to be scoring the report.

There you have it…

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