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Introducing the Next Generation of Partying Homosexuals, er Club Kids, at SPLASH Bar

GayCities photoblogger Jeffrey James Keyes checked into SPLASH last night for the Campus Thursdays party. JJ tagged along with fellow nightlife guru, BoiParty’s Justin Luke, and got up close and personal with the revelers, go-go boys, and drag queens. Campus Thursdays is 18+ on the first Thursday of every month…and the boys certainly come out to party.

All photography by Jeffrey James Keyes







All photography by Jeffrey James Keyes

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  • Jordan

    #23 is my new favorite person.

  • QJ201

    Ah to be 19 again. NOT.

  • Truthful

    I got crabs just from looking at these photos

  • Ray

    So basically it looks just like every other gay bar on the planet.

  • Justin Luke

    What a great night! Special thanks to Jeffrey for stopping by! Anyone who isn’t hating on this post is welcome to come out – happy to comp any of you in, and hook you up with some drinks to boot :)


  • Bruno

    I twink these boys are all a bit young & thin.

  • divkid

    sweet jesus we’re doomed.

  • Jay

    Splash bar is only a percent of the next generation. When will the other percent be represented.

  • Jay

    Club kids? Please.

  • Poster2

    Blech. What a sappy-looking bunch.

  • skoc211

    Club Kids? Oy vey.

  • McMike

    How are these ‘club kids’? When you’re talking about NYC, ‘club kids’ are Richie Rich, Amanda Lepore, Astro Erle, etc, etc. These are just cookie-cutter twinks.

  • Ryan

    @Ray: Exactly, I just got rid of my life long envy of gays in New York. You just imagine it must be so great….and then this.

    Maybe the better guys are at another club?
    Oh god, I’m still telling myself that? Oh no!

  • jason

    Look, I think everybody has to go through a journey in life. We all go through the hypersexual twenties and the dirty thirties. Then you eventually realize that you’ve been had. The bar owners have made a mint out of you, you’re still lonely and looking for Mr Right, and the posters of Tom of Finland never seem to match the reality of unfit men with furry eyebrows and receding hairlines.

  • BR331

    looks like a bunch of losers to me. very unclassy, looks like i will not be attending splash bar! Club kids are over people! get a job!

  • Tom

    Skinny bitches.

  • Mike in Asheville

    Oh for fuck’s sake stop the blathering! They are kids enjoying their life their way. And they don’t look all that different from the 20 somethings I danced with at Splash 30 years ago.

  • alan brickman

    Bring back morning goods!!!

  • alan brickman

    I see the fat and jealous are still here too!!

  • Zack

    I had my time in the bars in the 80’s. now it’s their time to party. good for them.

  • George412

    not a very attractive bunch. Splash Bar of the 90s was hot. What happened?

  • So Yo

    For some reason I get the feeling that it takes me less effort to get ready to go out in jeans and a t-shirt than the guys who wear nothing but a speedo, haha

  • Spike

    Thanks Jesus there were no digital cameras nor the internet when I was that age. How sad to think these boys get all their self worth from such media exposure. Anyone with a webcam can be a porno star these days. What will these guys be doing when they are 30??? Because as we know, there will ALWAYS be someone younger and cuter showing up at the party, eventually.

  • ron

    Not exactly smashing any stereotypes, are they? These clowns in the pictures are the reason they are third class citizens.

  • Mike in Asheville

    @ron: Oh pleeeeease! Get off your fucking high horse.

    “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

    They are pursuing their right to their happiness — that is not the definition of third class. Of course, until marriage-equality becomes national, we all are second class citizens — you included.

    It is idiots like you who cry cry cry that those who have the temerity and courage to express themselves their way somehow diminish your masculinity. But you are hardly, in the figurative way, different from a gay basher — desperately attempting to prove your masculinity by picking on those who act differently.

    Those boys, each one of them, have bigger balls than you Ron; they are not afraid to be who they are IRRESPECTIVE of idiotic opinions of pretenders like you. Forty years ago, it was that generation of boys/men who stood up to police raids and bone breaking and job loosing prejudice creating the gay rights movement.

  • Trishjarvis

    @Mike in Asheville:

    Since when did being a crass, attention-seeking dolt become some kind of celebratory quality? Are we really saying, “Well done for being you!” if the the qualities they are exhibiting are shallow and fame-seeking? This isn’t an issue of masculinity or femininity for many people – whether it’s boys or girls posing in their underwear and pouting at a camera, it’s very, very, very unattractive.

  • Trishjarvis

    Oh and I just looked through all of them – dollar bills in their briefs. Wow, how empowering for the gay community.

  • Nat

    @Mike in Asheville:

    Christ, they’re guys posing in their underwear. That’s it. If another Stonewall happens, it happens. But don’t ascribe heroism before it happens.

    And if this is who they are, or rather, the image they aspire to, then good for them. As long as they also work as productive members of society.

    But there are too many gay people who don’t want the party lifestyle, yet engage in it because they mistakenly believe they’ll find love, happiness, and the secret to life’s answers at 2:30 am in a bathroom stall. And if someone is performing a role they have no real love for, then they need to know that there are other ways to find happiness.

  • ggreen

    What happened to all the hot men in NYC? These guys look like they come from the “land of a thousand uglies” better known as San Francisco, California. Which is also famous for having the ugliest strippers, go-go dancers and escorts in the known universe.

  • Mike

    We don’t have that kind of scene in this part of the South…try as we might. ;)

  • one person in picture

    i love this!!! all these old men hating on twinks they cant have cause they outgrew the club scene hahahaha

  • blaque

    LOL. REALLY????…The Big Apple sho do got a lot of damn worms. Look at that simp in pic #7, like a raisin in a bowl of milk….. Foolishness…

  • J.

    this is real tragic. these are NOT club kids and Justin Luke represents the most homonormative – awful – anti-intellectual group of gays in New York City.

    really a loss.

  • Raquin

    Why the hell is seemingly everyone here so damned hateful in their commentary about these young men who are enjoying the hell out of themselves on a night on the town?! This is a post about club-life, not arts or intellect culture, not the gay rights movement, or about the what people to perceive the norm of the quiet gays who choose to not club. This is a post about young vibrant gay, bi, trans, pansexual youth who seem to be enjoying the hell out of themselves at one moment in time. Get the fuck over all of your bitterness people, and let those who choose to do what with their social lives do as they please.

  • Trishjarvis

    The mistake your making is equating ‘young people just having a good time’ with taking your fucking clothes off, having people stick dollar bills in your briefs and full duckfaces at a camera while pictures of you are plastered all over the internet. That kind of attitude is socially corrosive and poisonous – why do you think little girls are growing up and thinking in order to be sexy, empowered and confident they’ve got to shake their tits at the boys and act like brainless whores? People morons like the Pussycat Dolls tell them that it’s just about fun, and being yourself and having the confidence to be you. You ought to be ashamed of yourself for defending this horse shit.

  • Raquin


    The mistake you’re making is commenting on feminism and child development, when I’m solely discussing the young adults who are in these pictures. I know plenty of young adults in college who take off their clothes, have people stick dollar bills in their briefs, and make duck faces at a camera; they also volunteer with the houseless community, educate peers on campus on how to have healthier relationships, get great grades, and are pillars of excellence on campus. They are sexy, empowered, and confident males and females, and when we’re out on the town enjoying ourselves we shake our tits, lead healthy latex-barrier-protected promiscuous sex lives, and act like brainless whores. So yes, it is possible for young people to be brainless twits while practicing moderation and keeping a sense of public dignity. I defend this type of horseshit because I live this type of horseshit, and I am not ashamed one bit.

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  • Stephen

    Wowie wow wow: loving the scathing comments. My turn: I am on the side of those who are against the kind of image that each photo captures. I do not want this splashed across the world. This is the stereotype I fight daily by just being a decent human being. At age 24, I’ve been clubbing for a little but nothing crazy. I had my head on my shoulders and my shirt on my back. Now I am 28, engaged and living the life.

    So, what some here call “being themselves” or just “having fun” is a product of living a repressed life, now free to do whatever without mom and dad around (who in the first place was likely the cause of their repression). This is the template of sorts for gay night life culture and it is quite honestly a waste of time, money and your poor liver. You know why “club kids” drink so much, shoot up so much and dress in the most ridic way? They’re not happy. Their lives suck so much from the lack of stability and substance, they have to forget how truly boring, uninteresting, useless and lame they are by getting torn up as often as possible. Don’t even argue with that; it’s the truth.

    Try holding a real conversation with one of these nimrods about any current event, politics or anything. If it doesn’t lead back to anything diva or drama related, then it’s fruitless. Oh, don’t even try to invite them out to a non-gay venue with others who are…GASP…heterosexual! If you can’t dance to Gaga remix #543 or bitch about Brad, Darren and Mikey, then why bother?

    There’s so much more things to do in life than looking forward to punching out from work, getting a workout in / throwing up / avoiding food, then getting ready for “da club.”

    Annndddddddd I’m done.

  • Stephen

    @Raquin: What a pathetic life.

  • Victor

    I know all these guys Itz fascinating .., everything goes down every Thursday of each month

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