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No Marvel scriptwriter could’ve given Chris Pratt the power to escape the volcano of lousy press that erupted from his religious ties to an infamously anti-LGBTQ Christian church. 

Despite his best effort, Pratt has failed to put the issue to rest, and social media hasn’t stumbled to disparage his career with memes and reminders of the homophobic accusations against him.

Gay Court’s in order, and we’re calling on you for the jury. Let’s review the facts and gossip circulating online against the actor. 

Let’s start with a little background

Chis Pratt wearing blue leather jacket and jeans on the MTV red carpet.

Pratt’s saturated presence at the box office is met with the wrath of the real-world guardians of the galaxy, social media users quick to remind him about his questionable affiliations. 

This scandal feels older than Janice Dickinson’s modeling career, and Pratt has begged the public to get over it and like him again. But in case you’re not familiar, here is the annotated drama:

  • Inaccurate rumor: People posted on social media that the actor belonged to the Hillsong Church, which is wrong. He belongs to Zoe Church, but his church was founded on Hillsong principles, most alarmingly, a history of gay conversion therapy. 
  • Limited evidence: Chris Pratt hasn’t publicly said anything against the LGBTQ+ community, but he is accused of rubbing shoulders with notable homophobes.
  • Pratt’s defense: The Super Mario Bros. Movie actor says he’s too woke to be religious. 

What are the rumors surrounding Chris Pratt’s alleged homophobia?

A man listening through a massive hole on a yellow wall.

We’re calling witnesses to the stand! 

The Elliot Page Incident

In February 2019, Queerty reported on Elliot Page accusing Pratt of having homophobic religious ties on Twitter.

Social media users filled in the blank because Page didn’t mention the church, but the tweet lives on today, so he didn’t take back the accusation.

Pratt responded on Instagram that his church “opens their doors to absolutely everyone.”

Page doubled down on Pratt’s homophobic association

Without addressing Pratt by name, Page tweeted he only suggested the Hollywood actor belonged to an anti-gay organization and serving as a famous bystander of hate. He didn’t accuse Pratt of doing anything homophobic. 

Zoe Church founder and pastor Chad Veach’s dirty laundry

Chad Veach, pastor and founder of Zoe Church, executive produced a 2017 film that equated “sexual brokenness” with same-sex attraction. 

Veach told New York Times he founded Zoe Church in 2015, inspired by his former Hillsong Church, an evangelical mega power riddled with bigotry. 

Pratt is kind of a Christian wet blanket, but is he evil? 

We questioned Pratt’s politics when he supported a conservative billionaire posing as a “Democrat” for L.A. mayor and followed a bunch of right-wing extremists, hate groups, and other homophobes on social media. But can the actor overlook homophobia without condoning it?  

Examining the evidence

A board of a detective's mystery.

Pratt has gone out of his way to clarify that he supports people loving who they want, sometimes through biblical anecdotes. Unfortunately, it’s like a murderer using the murder weapon as his defense.

Page’s point all along. His tolerance of homophobia is his wrongdoing. 

The actor distanced himself from the Hillsong controversy in a 2022 Men’s Health interview, his publicist instructing him to plead Mariah: I don’t know her! The Internet wasn’t buying his new take on the oppressive nature of religion or his disassociation from Hillsong.

Ultimately, Pratt’s attempt at branding himself as not religious had the same success as if the Cookie Monster said he didn’t like baked goods.

His most creative effort to clear his name of homophobia was probably calling Timothée Chalamet America’s tastiest snack.

Social media reactions to reports of his alleged homophobia

Pratt had some celebrity co-star power in defense of his character.

Mark Ruffalo weighed in

Robert Downey Jr. did, too

Even Zoe Saldana showed support

So…is Chris Pratt homophobic?

A close-up of Chris Pratt pointing at the camera in a denim shirt.

We can’t honestly know what is in Chris Pratt’s or any celebrity’s heart, and because of that, we’re typically inclined to believe what they say. 

However, we also know to be careful in the presence of shady. So at best, Pratt is guilty of not being angered by homophobia. 

Pratt can pray to a pastor that condemns homosexuality because it doesn’t impact him. But, like many celebrities, he might feel mingling with leaders preaching hate is not the same as supporting their actions. For this reason, the actor can’t land a role without the queer community rolling their eyes.

But he is hardly the first famous person to join an organization that hates gay people. Thankfully, brave queer A-listers like Page will keep calling them out when they see it. 

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