Did Right Wing Senator Wear Heels?

Jesse Helms’ Deep, Drag Secret?

Oh, Lord! Did uber-conservative Republican Jesse Helms like to dress as a woman? “Yes,” according to a Massachusetts-based make-up artist who phoned into homo-journo Michelangelo Signorile’s radio show.

The story goes like this: the caller, known only as “Brian,” put an add in the paper to film a “video instruction” for straight men looking to learn how to dress like women, one of the men who replied was a creepy Southern man who looked vaguely familiar. “Brian” did the deed, video taped it so the man could watch it at home and received $300 for the pancaked pleasure. It wasn’t until the next day, after reading an article about how North Carolinian Senator Jesse Helms had been visiting Massachusetts – and staying at the same hotel where the make-over went down! – that “Brian” recognized his client.

He goes on to explain that he never came forward for fear of being mistaken for a hooker and other nebulous “repercussions,” nor does he expect anyone to believe him. But it did happen, he says. True or not, Signorile’s bewilderment’s worth the watch. Pay particular attention to his reaction around the 1:30 mark. He’s not sure whether to jump up in glee or call “bullshit.”