Can Jesus save?

Last ditch effort: Kathie Lee Gifford goes on Megyn Kelly’s show to talk about Jesus

This just in: NBC execs are so desperate to save Megyn Kelly’s tanking morning show that they’re literally calling upon the power of the Lord to try and help.

This morning, Kathie Lee Gifford appeared on Kelly’s show where the women chatted about… Jesus.

Yes, Jesus.

Kathie joined Megyn this morning in a last ditch effort to save her ratings to discuss her new Christian rock ballad “He Saw Jesus.”

In case you didn’t know, in addition to her gig as Today show host, Kathie is also an accomplished recording artist. She’s released six studio albums, a Christmas album, and a “super hits” collection over the years. She’s also appeared in a number of musical theater productions.

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Megyn asked Kathie about the inspiration behind her new single “He Saw Jesus,” which is dedicated to Kathie’s late husband, Frank, who passed away two years ago at age 84.

“I was able to hold my husband in my arms and cry tears of rejoicing for him,” Kathie said as she recalled her final moments with Frank. “It’s a happy song and gives a lot of hope.”

The song was released earlier this week and hit #1 on Billboard‘s Christian Digital Song Sales, with 5,000 downloads sold, a pretty impressive number in the era of online streaming.

“I’ve been in this business 50 years, I have my first hit record,” Kathie told Megyn in disbelief. “And it’s about Jesus!”

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The last time Kathie appeared on a Billboard chart was 17 years ago, when her album Heart of a Woman peaked at #170.

Watch Kathie perform her new song on the Today show…

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  • DCguy

    This shows how bad it is. What this means is that Megyn Kelly can’t get actual guests on her segment and so NBC is forcing the people who don’t have enough clout to say no, from their own stable to go onto Kelly’s show.

    So basically, as her guest, she has the person whose own show starts right after Kelly’s


  • THAT Steve

    Kathy Lee is just on because she’s panicking. Now people are finding out her show is crap too and people won’t actively go to it. They just leave the TV on the channel when something better precedes her…

  • Josh447

    Decent voice too bad the song is so boring.

  • Harriman

    Did her butler step over Frank’s body to deliver her Sunday morning cup of coffee upstairs while she was humming a gospel song and doing her make up before she realized that he saw Jesus who took his breath away? No 911 call, just a hug and a romantic kiss?

  • mhoffman953

    Frank is in a better place now rather than sharing a house with Kathie Lee

  • jd.cali

    This is definitely hokeyness at the maximum but the author postulates that KL made an album about Jesus to save MG’s sinking show. That’s obviously not the case. In fact, it’s a paranoid assumption and dividing commentary that is being made to sell a story. Click bait at its worst.
    KL is simply trying to sell her album. Whether the album is about Jesus or Pokémon is a matter of style and taste. That’s the entertainment business. Nothing more.

    • DCguy

      Where exactly did they do that?

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