Hot and hirsute

Men are posting their hairy chests to Twitter to prove they’re not ‘ick’

A man with a hairy chest proves he's not
Posed by model (Photo: Shutterstock)

Men are posting photos of their hairy chests on Twitter to show they’re attractive and proud of their hairiness. It comes after a (smooth) gay Twitter user posted a tweet on Monday saying: “hairy chests are a massive ick”.

When the criticism began to rack up, the user swiftly deleted his original tweet and switched his account to private.

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For anyone laboring under the misapprehension that hairy chests are “ick” (“‘Ick’ ….. are we five years old?” rightly questioned one reply), here’s a selection of the finest responses. There are literally hundreds more if you search ‘hairy chests ick’ on Twitter right now.

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