Morning Goods

Morning Goods: Alessandro Calza

alessandro_calza_0 One of the annoying things about American actors is that while they’re happy to model the occasional pair of Armani sunglasses, rarely do we ever get to see them, in say, a jockstrap. Not true in Italy, where actor (and former Morning Goods stud) Alessandro Calza keeps things molto bene.


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  • dvlaries

    You FINALLY heard me 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Dave does MAJOR happy dance! 🙂

  • Mickey's mouse :P

    O.M.F.G YUM!

  • tavdy79

    Hmmm, guess who was Queerty’s Morning Goods a year and three days ago?

    That said, I’m quite happy to see such a gorgeous man a second time – espeically if it persuades me to go on a hunt for more pics and I find out he’s starring in a gay-themed movie soon, “Ciao”. The reports in IMDb are mixed – if you like European art films, you’ll like it; if you’re an addict of faster-paced Hollywood blockbuster types then you may not. I’ve only found one problem so far: I can’t find a release date for UK cinemas (I can think of loads of art-house cinemas that would show it) and no release date for the DVD.

  • Helga Von Ornstein

    Sigh. When I read the title I just knew I was going to see a pic of Rob Lowes cute little tush in Youngblood. That was a cute jock strap moment. It also led to the gay rumors too but that scene alone was what put him on the map.

    I know he kissed his agent with all the publicity that came afterwards.

  • Michael W.

    He looks pretty good for an old man. I hope I look that good at his age so I can still get some young butt.

  • Tom in COS

    Holy sweet baby jeebus! This man is BEAUTIFUL!

  • Dave

    Old man Michael. What are you a fetus? He doesn’t look a day over 35. Either way he is fracken hot!

  • Jim

    I’ll take this “old man” over a wee elf like Zac Efron any day!

  • NateB79

    Sweet baby Jesus. He’s the best morning goods EVER! How does anyone not love some body hair?

  • NateB79

    @Tom in COS: I guess I should have read all the comments! lol

  • tavdy79

    @Michael W.: I wish I looked that good now – and I’m a decade younger!

  • GinLA

    Dear Queerty,

    You have no permission to post pictures of my boyfriend. This time you have gone too far!

  • AJ

    Very nice, love the nipples. Needs more ass, though.

  • gray hunt

    Please let me know what you guys are taking ? Hot, best ever etc. ? You all gotta stop having having gin for breakfast.

  • NateB79

    @gray hunt: Oh thank God you were here to tell me who I think is hot. Whew. I almost had my own tastes, and opinions for a second.

  • Suburban

    When I 1st saw pics 1-3 I thought ‘ok, but boring’, then I saw pic 4…holy shit, what a great body. I love the short short hair cut (reminds me of Prison Break when it was good), the chest, arms, that belly button, and yes those HOT nipples.

  • GranDiva

    Yeah, but I think one solution would be some squats, which he is more than welcome to do over my face…

  • alan brickman

    a real man woof!!

  • Tyler

    @craigsauer: I’m sure they won’t like it. I wonder how they managed to get their traffic up by so much after the redesign…Not that I’m not clicking through them all though.

  • getreal

    Finally a man who looks like a man not a mannequin. Love a man who does not look tweezed and waxed within an inch of his life. More of these! Best morning goods guy in quite a while!

  • Alec

    Ewwwwww! Gross! Body hair! He should be shaved to the marrow as God intended, like those “naturally hairless” men that usually dominate morning goods. What’s next, someone who isn’t oiled before their photoshoot?!!

  • Sam

    i like hairy and hairless, it not a deciding factor in mr.boner going up 😛

  • Alec

    @Sam: I think that makes you a male with normal sexual functioning.

  • Paul

    OMG, the first guy I have ever seen here with body hair, and the queens are going eeewwwww. WTF?? I mean, I am all for gazing at pretty boys even if it gets seriously boring with all the sameness day after day, but jeez, what is so wrong with showing a gorgeous manly man once in a blue moon? Never quite got it why so many gay men want their guys to always look prettier than their sisters or Joan Collins??

  • DavidMichael

    Bjoing, I’m still stuck on pic 3!

  • afrolito

    Stupid pictures of an average, and boring model.

  • Andrew W

    Stunning pictures of an exceptionally beautiful man. More of this kind of thing!

  • scott ny'er


    I NEVER click thru these thumbnails now, because of the obvious money-making thoughts behind it. But…

    for this dude, I sure did. He is Beautiful. Hairy, built, good looking. Look at pic. 9, his face is gorgeous there. Yum.

  • Lorenzo

    oh Madon ! what a man. Heaven sent

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