Morning Goods

Morning Goods: Jarek Pietka

wieczorek-krajewska-02Growing up, your editor’s Polish heritage was the source of constant jokes from his classmates. We’re aware of all the Polish inventions: Screen doors on submarines, solar-powered flashlights (which actually exist, nimwits!), but the older I get, the more proud I am of my Eastern European background, partly because of boys like Polish model Jarek Pietka. Us Pollacks clean up nice, no?


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  • Tallskin

    Cute, cute, cute!

    Lucky for us over here, the UK is crawling with adorable polish lads! LOL

  • OH Charlie

    yes…very cute….he gives good face or head in photo nine

  • benwa

    wow for someone not a redhead with blue eyes this guy’s damn cute. They sure do one thing in the old eastern block!

  • dk

    Polish sausage gives me gas

  • Jonathan

    Japhy, dear. Polish boys are generally HOT.

  • Aaron J.

    Love that body

  • alan brickman

    back to thumbnails please…..

  • epluribusunum

    Nice! I’m Polish too – nice to see someone from the old country in the Morning Goods section.

  • Nick

    So Japhy is a Polish Episcopalian? Only in America…

  • Chitown Kev


    Yeah, on one of the Michael Lucas threads, we discussed ethnic discrimination among groups commonly thought of as “white.”

    I grew up watching “All In the Family” and remember the huge amount of cannon fodder that Archie Bunker would make of Mike Stivik’s Polish ethnicity. That’s an interesting thing to know about Japhy

    (not that I’m equating with discrimination against African American’s or Latinos, mind you…)

  • Chitown Kev

    Yeah, this is one hot dude and I love pics 7 & 8.

  • Dan

    Ever been to Chicago? The UK certainly doesn’t own the market on Polish expats…

  • Sam

    You can have 7 & 8. I’m taking #5. Whoa.

  • Chitown Kev

    LOL, that was my third pick

  • GranDiva

    Stanley Kowalski he ain’t, but those are some lovely breasteses.

  • gray hunt

    I`ll take two, one with mustard and one with kraut, dont wrap them I`ll eat themNOW

  • Joe in Atlanta

    Obviously you need a few more heritage classes or a quickie refresher course at Polish Saturday school (skola na sobota). “Pollack” is a species of firm meated white fish–whereas this, while likely firm meated, is definitely beef, not fish. Alternately (Jackson) Pollack is an artist known for his “splatter” paintings..and again I’m sure young Jarek can create a splatter or three, but again close AIN’T a cigar.

    The correct spelling I think you’re looking for, dziecko, is polak.

  • Rob Moore

    @alan brickman: NO! I like this method better than thumbnails.

    As for Polish men, I had a Polish boyfriend years ago. He was definitely a keeper. Unfortunately immigration nabbed him, about five weeks into the relationship. I heard from him more than a year later in a letter (he spoke better English than he wrote). By then, both of us had moved on in our lives. It was enough he was safe and had met a man he loved in Holland.

  • Suburban

    I’m not carzy about all the pics (bandages and face paint) but # 9 is nice. He has nice eyes and that is some stare. Bring back the thumbnails btw.

  • vernonvanderbilt

    #2 is so the best of all of them. Love the face paint.

  • Z reveals

    #9 is the best!

  • jayare

    That’s actually Borys Starosz haha. Jarek Pietka is another gorgeous Polish dude:p

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