Morning Goods: Raphael Verga

Dear Queerty,

I was in Washington Square Park on Saturday. So was a very shirtless Raphael Verga.

He was performing capoeira with his capoeira group. All of the guys were crazy hot. He was kicking and flipping and hand-standing and everything. I know it was him, because he had the tattoo and everything.

I was too shy to go up and get their literature after they were done, and they had a big crowd, but he definitely belongs to a local New York capoeira group. All of the guys were in great shape and it looked like they were having a blast.

Have you ever seen that 2xist advertisement with Verga where he is doing the one armed handstand? I know now that he is really doing that handstand, because I saw him do it like 4 dozen times on Saturday.




Cameraphone, man! Get a cameraphone! We wish we were there watching those men right alongside you.

Not that we’d ever pass up a chance to post pictures of Raphael (Rafael?) Verga, the patron saint of the internet. Oh La La Paris and Made In Brazil have been posting pics of him for months. And then there’s that infamous, super-cheesy, and totally sexy video of him…just posing in a puddle of his own hotness.

Below are more pics. If anyone got shots of him doing capoiera in the city, feel free to send them in. We’ll give you a present.




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