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Move Over Jake Gyllenhaal: Sean Connery in TV’s First Incestuous Gay Lip-Smacker

Sean Connery gay kiss

Why is someone bothering to make a movie about dull-as-mud Channing Tatum’s career start as a male stripper when Sir Sean Connery’s early days as a jobbing actor and model are much hotter stuff?

We all know about his greased up, pec-flexing Mr. Universe past. Then last year a couple of almost nudie paintings of the Hollywood legend from his time as an artists’ life model came to light (his modesty was protected by a bulging pouch).

Now the British Film Institute has unearthed what they believe to be the ‘very first gay TV kiss’ and one half of the lip-smacking pair is Connery in an early screen role.

It occurs in a one-off drama called ‘Colombe’ which was originally broadcast by the BBC in 1960. Connery’s character suspects his brother of having an affair with his wife, so he deep-tongues his brother just to find out what bro has that he doesn’t. So it’s also the first incestuous gay kiss on TV and just bad writing.

As to how such a groundbreaking kiss made it onto TV screens at a time when homosexuality was still criminalized in the UK, Dick Fiddy of the BFI says: “… it might have been accepted because of the context and because it was a television version of a classic play by a great French dramatist.”