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We need to talk about Pete Buttigieg’s husband’s Twitter page

Democratic presidential hopeful Pete Buttigieg was interviewed by CNN’s Van Jones over the weekend where he spoke at length about his husband, Chasten.

“Frankly, he’s one of the best things I’ve got going for me,” the 37-year-old 2020 hopeful gushed. “I love him. He’s grounded. He keeps me grounded.”

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He continued, “He’s got this really quick wit. If you follow him on Twitter you’ll see what I mean.”

We thought we’d take Pete’s advice and do a deep dive into Chasten’s Twitter page, which boasts an impressive 163K followers.

Here’s what we learned about the guy who Politico recently determined was “winning the 2020 Spouse Primary” and who could very well be the next person to occupy the East Wing of the White House.

On how he spends his time when Pete’s out on the campaign trail:

On being recognized in public:

On being recognized on Twitter:

On his childhood obsession with Harry Potter:

On having his picture taken by complete strangers:

On the closure of a local Taco Bell:

On Elizabeth Warren:

On his husband’s annoying yet endearing habits:

On not being the mayor:

On trips to Target:

On buying drapes:

On Girl Scouts cookies:

On people asking him to pass messages along to his husband:

On people who want to criticize his “lifestyle”:

On the importance of taking care of yourself:

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