Nikki Haley

Nikki Haley’s presidential campaign is so doomed, even some good ol’ fashioned transphobia can’t draw her an applause line.

Speaking at the Politics and Eggs breakfast in New Hampshire–a non-partisan affair–Haley went all-in on Bud Light’s partnership with transgender TikTok star Dylan Mulvaney.

Her bigotry was met with silence.

“Everybody know about Dylan Mulvaney? Bud Light? That is a guy, dressed as a girl, making fun of women,” said Haley.

Political reporter David Weigel noted Haley’s quip about the two-month old saga landed like a dud and garnered no reaction.

Haley has been barnstorming around New Hampshire in recent days, an indication that she views the Granite State as crucial to her futile presidential campaign. The former South Carolina governor has a slightly more moderate record than the two pugilistic Republican front-runners, Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis, and probably thinks she can attract support in more centrist New Hampshire.

The problem is, Haley lacks any true identity. Currently polling at 3%, she’s tried all of the tricks: homophobia, ageism, gun-toting pictures.

None of it is working.

She’s promoted the idea that President Joe Biden will die in office; and perhaps most embarrassingly, was pictured toting a rifle in a desperate photo shoot–complete with a matching outfit.

Haley, 51, has also expressed far-right views. At the same Politics and Eggs event, she spouted her support for a nationwide abortion ban.

But to give herself some room, she lamented that it probably would never pass, because 60 senators would need to sign off. “We haven’t had 60 Republican senators in 100 years,” she said.

It’s apparent why Haley seems intent on stoking the culture wars. Ron DeSantis, whose campaign launch on Twitter with Elon Musk was a predictable dumpster fire, has championed a series of far-right legislation in Florida. He’s passed book bans, a six-week abortion ban, engineered a conservative takeover of a liberal arts college and targeted the LGBTQ+ community with a string of hateful laws.

Trump, meanwhile, continues to be as aggrieved and xenophobic as ever.

Despite Haley’s attempts to copy Trump’s playbook (she served as his United Nations ambassador), her campaign is actually hitting DeSantis as a Trump wannabe. In a new ad, she calls the Florida governor an “echo” of the disgraced ex-president.

Earlier this week, Haley’s campaign manager called DeSantis “Trump without the charm” in a publicized memo. (It’s worth noting that DeSantis’ personality was once compared to a “piece of paper,” and he reportedly eats pudding with his hands.)

While DeSantis’ campaign is floundering–his kick-off announcement was delayed 25 minutes due to technical glitches–he’s still the clear runner-up to Trump.

Haley, for all of her pandering, is at the bottom of every poll. She’s fighting over crumbs of support with the likes of South Carolina Senator Tim Scott (declared this week), Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson and former Vice President Mike Pence (expected to announce soon).

You know things are bad for a Republican when they can’t even get some juice from shamefully attacking transgender people. Haley’s presidential campaign is dead on arrival.

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