NY GOP Gov Hopeful Carl Paladino Isn’t Personally Offended By His Bestiality Emails

Carl Paladino, the Republican pick for New York governor, who is against same-sex marriage, may not have the extremism (or witchcraft experience) as Christine O’Donnell, but that doesn’t mean he’s not an exciting candidate! Raped by your father? Don’t abort, just give your kid up for adoption. Unemployed and on welfare? Start living in a prison and learn “personal hygiene” from guards-cum-counselors. See, Paladino is all about creating a “dignity core.” And not a crazy person!

Oh, but those emails he sent around to his construction industry buddies with a woman and a horse getting it on? And those racist emails about Obama? Paladino is sorry if he offended certain “people” by his “careless” actions, but don’t expect him to say he’s personally offended by such material.

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  • ewe

    Anderson coopers boyfriend/husband has a website for his club that can easily be considered porno as well. Anderson cooper should refrain from being a hypocrite in his attempt to bash the right. Even though i agree, we have to be careful not to be attacked for the same thing and Anderson Cooper can be. It is as important as meaningless lady googa standing up for gay rights dressed up as MEAT. That is insulting and promoting antigay propaganda through symbolism. Please, she herself said she was a fucking pop star with no clout while taking money from Arizona instead of boycotting it. I will pass on Lady goo defending me considering that many of us were in the streets long before she dribbled out of her fathers cock.

  • mk

    @ewe: WTF? Paladino’s racist and beastial emails are relevant because he is running for public office and he is doing it as a conservative candidate with supposedly traditional conservative social values. Voters will want to take into consideration any indications his attitudes are inconsistent with theirs or inconsistent with his own purported values when they decide whether he’s the guy they want calling the shots for the state. Cooper’s boyfriend Maisani is not running for public office, Maisani’s not presenting himself or his bar as any kind of a bastion of conservative values, and the bar website is free of beastiality and racist images. If Paladino was running a bar nobody would consider his racist and horse sex emails public business.

    And you are not helping us by equating images of adult gay sexuality with images of horse/woman action and racism.

  • ewe

    @mk: WTF: Any conservative backward simpletons are quite able and willing to bring up the sexuality of the person questioning them to rally their troops. Grip reality. Coopers question was whether he found it offensive and pornographic. Clean up your own backyard is my point before you go telling ohters they are sexually creepy. Everybody and their mother can dictate what is pornographic. Stop trying to separate the citizenry from the public servants. They are ultimately one in the same. All this is gonna backfire cause the majority of disgruntled american workers will vote for the first person they view as human with the same inadequacies and frailites as themselves. Anderson Cooper may be gay but his upbringing is far far removed from most probably including yourself and he risks being seen as an elitist pig. I don’t beleive that multi millionaire WWF whore (whose husband will show his ugly mug the day she is elected and not a moment before) and her lunchbox campaign ad in Connecticut touting her identifying with the masses anymore than i know anderson Cooper is not being objective.

  • ewe

    @mk: and STFU about what i equate while you remain silent about googoogaga and her meat exhibition while touting gay rights. I have the ear of you. She is the one who is hurting gay rights with her childish rant in front of millions like the spectacle she is so eager to continue being. I am not the one who equates gay sexuality with horse/woman action. YOU DID. Anderson Cooper is a gay man who can be a target for calling someone else a pervert. He does not stand alone. We live in a world where one black person represents all of us and one gay person represents all of us as well. Wake up. Your objectivity belongs in a fantasy land. It is not reality or the way you wish it to be. You can continue your assaults while denying the faults of those you support all you want. It is not going to get you anywhere. The opposition does the same damn thing.

  • mk


    Cooper was not asking whether Paladino considers the images “pornographic”, he was asking if he considers them offensive. That is very relevant to voters who are trying to decide if Paladino is the person to represent them, especial voters who are racial minorities and supporters of racial minorities.

    Adult men in consensual acts or on their own in gay images is entirely different than images of humans molesting a horse that cannot be asked for consent, and gay images on a gay bar site have nothing at all to do with spreading hateful racist images.

    When people run for public office they put their values and conduct at issue. They also are required to disclose a lot of information private citizens do not have to disclose. Public officials and private citizens are totally different in what they must provide the populace and must answer for.

    Anderson Cooper is a rich man from a rich family as you say, which means conservative policies of big tax breaks for the rich are to his advantage. Contrary to your suggestions of bias due to his background, if he thought only of his own personal economic benefit that would lay with the conservatives. Republican fiscal policies are all about elitism – the people with the most get to keep as much as they possibly can instead of having to give up some thorugh taxes to help the country with targeted social investment. The richest can save all their money in the bank instead, or travel to other countries and pour money into foreign economies. Conservative policies increase polarization between the rich and the poor, making for a very rich wealthy class, a huge very poor poor class, and a shrunken tiny middle class. The low income masses in America have been suckered by the conservative movement into fighting and voting in opposition to their own financial interests.

    I didn’t say anything about Gaga. I only talked about images of gay sexuality which is what is on bar website that YOU brought up and YOU equated with Paladino’s emails.

    Cooper did not call Paladino a pervert. He asked him if he considered his racist emails and horse sex emails offensive. Paladino spent the interview deliberately saying other people could find them offensive rather than that HE does, which confirms for voters Paladino still considers racism and bestiality OK even after public criticism.

    Sure, some homophobic bigot could call a gay man like me or Anderson Cooper a pervert. Gay sex lives are not about molesting innocent animals and it isn’t racism, though, so such accusations would just be a stupid attempt at distraction. Consensual sex between adult men is not destructive unlike molesting creatures or spreading racial bigotry.

  • Mr. Enemabag Jones

    I thought it was illegal to own, and distribute beast porn in America? Why hasn’t this guy been arrested?

  • Flipper

    @ewe: Out of curiosity, why does Lady Gaga wearing a meat-themed outfit conflict with her standing up for gay rights? It’s not as if we’re all vegetarians/vegans.

  • Taylor Siluwé

    Anderson did a good job holding Paladino’s feet to the fire on the “offensive” issue. The guy is clearly a jerk.

    But the real scary thing about all this is that Paladino and so many other wacky candidates are actually rising in the republican party, and that so many on the right look past their obvious flaws and anti-everything agenda and praise these loonies.

    If reasonable thinking Americans aren’t scared sh*tless by this trend they should be.

  • tjr101

    The asshole knows he doesn’t stand a chance in NY. Let him enjoy his 15 minutes!

  • Dallas David

    He can always complile a collection of his political mailings, and title it “The Best of Bestiality”

  • Dallas David

    @Taylor Siluwé: I agree.
    Post-WW1 Berlin was quite a progressive and gay-friendly place. When economic times went from bad to worse, the dense rubes took to the Nazis just like the extremists take to the Teabaggers and nut-case Republicans. If the bottom falls out of US economics and we end up with another bad depression, they’ll be looking for some more scapegoats to sacrifice to their angry god.

  • GayGOP

    I am a Republican and I truly and sincerely was disgusted by this guy. I voted for Lazio when I voted, but, sadly, my side lost because Paladino’s lunatic fringe was energized and came out to vote, while the more reasoned, thinking Republicans in NYS stayed home because the choice was between Lazio, who rightfully lost majorly to Clinton, and this lunatic. I have a distinct, and sickening feeling that, though I wanted to kill off the Conservative Party, I am going to be voting Conservative, because Lazio is the only one of the three big names in the race for whom I can vote. Certainly I can’t vote for this racist lunatic, nor can I vote for the guy who caused the housing bubble.

  • Cheryl

    Seems like this is the time for any wacko Republican, or Bagger, to say whatever outrageous, absurd nonsense, racist garbage, and barely veiled violent threats that comes to their minds!! And the Democrats are losing to these SLIME BALLS? I hope someone stops putting crazy juice in the water, before November!

  • Taylor Siluwé

    @Cheryl: It is strange and a little scary.

    But if you follow of lot of the comment threads from various stories (like the rash of gay youth suicides) the fact that we have a lot of ignorant and down-evil people out there means these scary candidates really have a chance to take control of all our lives if logical, thinking Americans sit on their hands this November.

    A house and senate controlled by a Palinesque mob of evangelicals would send me into exile.

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