NY GOP Gov Hopeful Carl Paladino Isn’t Personally Offended By His Bestiality Emails

Carl Paladino, the Republican pick for New York governor, who is against same-sex marriage, may not have the extremism (or witchcraft experience) as Christine O’Donnell, but that doesn’t mean he’s not an exciting candidate! Raped by your father? Don’t abort, just give your kid up for adoption. Unemployed and on welfare? Start living in a prison and learn “personal hygiene” from guards-cum-counselors. See, Paladino is all about creating a “dignity core.” And not a crazy person!

Oh, but those emails he sent around to his construction industry buddies with a woman and a horse getting it on? And those racist emails about Obama? Paladino is sorry if he offended certain “people” by his “careless” actions, but don’t expect him to say he’s personally offended by such material.