PHOTOS: A Salute To Splash’s Hottest Go-Go Boys And Bartenders

Splash Bar by JJ Keyes22

PHOTOS: During the past two decades, thousands of dancers, go-go boys, and effervescent shirtless men have passed through the doors of Splash. After 22 years of providing Manhattan with plenty of fun nights, some of which resulted in happy endings, we salute you.

In an interview yesterday, the bar’s owner Brian Landeche told Queerty “it was my hope Splash would be a nice, clean and safe place where you could go every day of the week to strike up a conversation with another gay guy and have a drink or a dance and fall in love. I think we provided that. I feel very privileged to have actually given the gay community something it embraced.”

We’ve had many late night adventures at 50 West 17th Street over the years and will be sad to see Splash close its doors August 10. The go-go boys and shirtless men will, of course, be fine. There are many other stages, cubes and parties throughout the city, but New York will definitely feel the loss of this iconic Chelsea bar.

Photography by Jeffrey James Keyes
Splash Bar by JJ Keyes32

Splash Bar by JJ Keyes31 Splash Bar by JJ Keyes29 Splash Bar by JJ Keyes27 Splash Bar by JJ Keyes25

Splash Bar by JJ Keyes16

Splash Bar by JJ Keyes23 Splash Bar by JJ Keyes21 Splash Bar by JJ Keyes20 Splash Bar by JJ Keyes15  Splash Bar by JJ Keyes13 Splash Bar by JJ Keyes12 Splash Bar by JJ Keyes11 Splash Bar by JJ Keyes9 Splash Bar by JJ Keyes8 Splash Bar by JJ Keyes7 Splash Bar by JJ Keyes6 Splash Bar by JJ Keyes5 Splash Bar by JJ Keyes4 Splash Bar by JJ Keyes3 Splash Bar by JJ Keyes2 Splash Bar by JJ Keyes1

Splash Bar by JJ Keyes28

Splash Bar by JJ Keyes14

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  • QJ201

    So in a few years, no one will understand what a prize it was to say you’ve fucked a Splash bartender or go-go boy.

  • Pablito12ny

    This is what our community is sentimental about? Shirtless go-go boys at a bar? I don’t get it. Is this what gay NYC culture has come to? Can someone please define what we’re really going to miss here? There has to be something substantial. I need to know what that is.

  • dwndckd

    The more I am on this site, the less I understand the “gay” community….

  • Sunsimba

    @Pablito12ny: Why can’t people be sentimental about a night club that over more than 2 decades provided a lot of fun, enjoyable memories for untold masses of people. It was arguably the 2nd most iconic gay nightlife spot, after the Stonewall Inn.

  • evdanker

    Where are the cute ones?

  • RJ6040

    I took my now husband on our first date to the Splash Bar 11 years ago, this coming September. We had a wonderful time and have held fond memories of our time there. We are from another state, so last year we came back to NYC to celebrate our 10 year anniversary and, of course, included a night out at Splash. The dancers were great entertainment but they are just a part of the total experience. Such wonderful memories, it’s to bad others will not have the opportunity to make their memories as well.

  • Ronbo

    Some studs; but, mostly icky and gross. Those pics do NO justice to Splash. It’s like the photos of Pride that use to be published to represent GLBT as prancing, outrageous freaks. Less makeup and realistic bodies please.

  • balehead

    All the “stickups” on here… It’s ok to have fun while being gay people…geez…

  • scotshot

    @balehead: Agree!

  • Evilklown13

    God. These guys need to eat something. Not at all attractive.

  • Bill463

    @Pablito12ny: I agree with most here that the few choices of photos selected for this article do not do Splash justice. I just turned 50 and have been with my wonderful husband of 14 years but when I was single I loved Splash. So so many wonderful nights spent there dancing and meeting great men to date. I will miss it terribly and sort of feel sorry for the young guys today ( to a point – I don’t want to sound like an old fart). Today it seems one sees many young men by themselves with a cell phone in their hand. Grindr and are cute I suppose – but there was nothing – NOTHINHG – like going to Splash on a wekend night when single.

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