Passengers look on in disgust as living embodiment of toxic masculinity tries to exit plane

Oprah made it clear in her announcement for a 2020 Presidential run Golden Globes speech last evening that “the time is up” for toxic masculinity. People are through letting loud douchey guys get away with being loud douchey guys simply because they are loud douchey guys.

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And speaking of loud douchey guys, a video of a group of passengers (mostly female) confronting a truly toxic male aboard a Delta flight has been making the rounds online. The video first began circulating last summer but it got a second wind recently. In it, some angry white dude is unable access his overhead compartment so, naturally, he takes his aggression out on the closest woman, proving that there is still much work to be done when it comes to combating toxic masculinity.

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Just to warn you, the video contains quite a few F-bombs and “m-er f-ers” and, oh yeah, no shortage of misogynistic slurs, so you might want to keep the volume down if your boss is around.


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