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PHOTOS: Is Chris Crocker Ready for His Gay-Porn Debut With Chi Chi LaRue And Brent Everett?

MORNING GOODS – It’s one of the biggest transformations since that Fox reality show where “ugly” women would outdo each other with surgeries to compete in a beauty pageant: The boy who cried Britney, Chris Crocker, is now a super-hot twink fatale!

And yes, he’s been hand-picked by Chi Chi LaRue to star in a new porn film alongside (and likely underneath) Brent Everett. Cockstar will explore meta-themes like Internet stardom, video diaries… and deep-throating. “Having sex on camera with a stranger is actually a lot less revealing than many of the things I’ve posted on YouTube,” the 23-year-old viral-video star said. We agree, but asked Chris to send us a SFW sampling of him in various states of undress anyway.

The Sword editor Zachary Sire advised Crocker to put on 20 pounds of muscles before his porn debut. Do you notice a beef-up?

Images via Chris Crocker

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  • EdWoody

    I’d fuck it.

  • Paco

    Yeah I’d let that fuck me

  • Chopsie

    Butched-up, but still — all woman.

  • Cam

    Chi Chi Larue?

    So let me guess, everybody will be shaved down, oiled up and having most of their sex appeal nuetered along with their eyebrows waxed into oblivion, and machanically saying bad dialogue.

  • StephenW

    Crocker, you’ve already had your 15 minutes of fame. Now it seems as though you want money for sex. I have an idea which would keep us purveyors of porn protected from your antics: Go work the street corners. The money’s almost as good, you’d always have interested parties, and you wouldn’t embarrass yourself further to a larger audience. The only person who would be sad if you weren’t filming porn (besides yourself, of course) would be Chi Chi, and she’ll soon get over it. She has bigger issues to worry about than you and your ego!

  • FreeRangeRadical

    Sounds like a bunch of jealous women. Chris, you look great. Don’t let the estrogen level of the nasty posts get to ya. >;-)~

  • randy

    Oh please, he’s got the sex-appeal of a bar-rag. Just because something is male (?) doesn’t make it “hawt”!

  • Thomas

    They convinced him to put on twenty pounds of muscle.

    So now he weighs in at 120 pounds?

  • MikeE


    yeah, he’s sort of cute, but they ALL are at that age. it’s like a puppy.

    but the “slouchy, pouty” thing doesn’t make him look butch.. at ALL. As long as he isn’t moving.. or talking, one might, just MIGHT, think he was a tiny bit more masculine than he actually is.

    I doubt I’d watch porn with him in it, or anyone who looks remotely like him. he’s just too young for my taste. nothing to do with him personally.

  • conrad

    Whoa so weird how to get into porn you have to perform this masculine, muscly role. Chris was so cute the way he was. Gay porn = setting the bar for what’s attractive? I hope he does some sort of write up about his experience.

  • Tony

    I don’t know this dude personally of course, but I hope viral videos and gay porn are the only “trades” he’s capable of doing. If not, it’s such a shame to throw away another young gay life.

  • spider_orchid

    Nah, I’ll pass. Too young, too skinny, not enough hair. Not my type, but the rest of you have fun with him.

  • Jonathonz

    It looks like he’d been working out for all of two weeks when he decided to pose for these sexpot shots. It’s a little embarrassing.

  • iDavid

    30 lbs of muscle and we might have something. 20 ain’t cutt’n it. Still too mal nourished skinny. Not “there” yet.

  • Stephan

    I think this is considered straight porn since he is female?

  • phallus

    LOL at @15! Did anyone see him on Tosh.0? You can put lipstick on a pig….. enough said

  • phallus

    LOl @#15! Guess he didn’t pull in the audience on Tosh.0 either. You can put lipstick on a pig…………enough said.

  • fredo777

    I always thought Chris was cute, although his “Britney” days didn’t exactly give me a hard-on. Still, I’m of the live + let live mindset. If he wants to to do the porn thing, + people want to watch, go for it. If he wants to do the music thing + people want to listen, go for it. If he just wants to keep making viral vids or act, go for it. Doesn’t hurt me. Best of luck, Chris.

  • Codswallop

    Leave Chris Crocker ALONE!!!

    I’m only half kidding. Imagine my surprise when I discovered, not long after the “Leave Britney Alone! brouhaha (or whatever you want to call it) that Chris Crocker lived in the same place I grew up in, a small east Tennessee town with no gay bar (you have to drive to another town 30 min away), no nightlife to speak of really, and sure as hell no support for gay teens. It’s a tough place to grow up gay and, if you only watched that one video you probably missed the real unifying theme that tied all his videos together; Chris Crocker is fucking PISSED at the world for how he (and by extension all gay youth) had been treated! Most gay people feel that way on some level, I sure as hell do, and he was SCREAMING at the world in his videos.

    There’s a pretty good article from The Stranger (the Seattle weekly where Dan Savage is Editor In Chief) about Chris and it goes quite a bit into the forces that made him and the rage that fueled his videos. Seriously, read it and you might change your mind a little about him or at least come away with some empathy or at least a better understanding.

    So far as him “butching up,” masculine vs feminine and all that goes, he’s acknowledged that he’s more feminine than many and he thinks it’s shitty how “masculine” gay men treat more feminine gay men. A lot of responses to these photos pretty much prove his point.

    In a way I get where he’s coming from because I literally DO come from the same geographic place, though his mindset is quite different from my own. I’m not exactly cheering his decision to do porn but it’s his life, not mine. I think with more maturity and less anger he could be an activist for gay youth. Screwing on camera just makes it harder to be taken seriously but he’s still in the middle of all that RAGE and porn is a damn good way to aim a big FU at that crappy little town and all the people in it. And it pays the bills and on the surface offers understanding and community for messed up and pissed off kids like him. Unfortunately, the porn world and its drug use is probably going to destroy what ever it was that he started out with.

    So give the kid a break. So you don’t want to have sex with him. Fine. Whatever. Crapping all over him is easy. It’s been done. Think a little deeper and you might not feel quite so hostile toward him. Just sayin’.

  • Little Kiwi

    What’s amazing is this – Crocker has actually done more positive proactive LGBT work than nearly all of the “haters” on here combined.

    He has an utterly PERFECT video on his youtube page where he succinctly and intelligently articulates the ongoing “insecure masc guys who hate femmes” debacle that has plagued our community for decades.

    For real. Check it out. The dude makes intelligent, rational, and effective points.

    The reality is this – the haters are gonna hate because they can’t understand how a guy like Crocker, whom they feel is “weaker” than them for being a gender-nonconformist, can actually be stronger, braver and more courageous than them. A sea of wannabe-masc guys who never grew the balls to stand up to their bigoted fathers, angry at Crocker for embodying everything that they had to “not be” in order to win their father’s tolerance.

    It’s not Crocker’s fault that your father hated that you’re his son.

  • rascal

    @Little Kiwi: Take your Psych 101 knowledge and shove it.

  • Jimmy Fury

    @Little Kiwi: I wish I had your psychic powers.

    It must be so much fun to know everything about people you’ve never met.

    It’s especially amazing that you can know so much about a person’s childhood, paternal relationships, and charitable works just by learning what they find sexually attractive…

  • Mr. Enemabag Jones


    Unfortunately, yes.

  • Jack E. Jett

    I wish someone would tell me I need to put on 20 pounds.

  • Bruno

    @Jimmy Fury: Maybe LK is jumping to conclusions about a lot of people, but those people on this thread are doing the same about Crocker.

  • Mr. Enemabag Jones

    Numbers 6, and 14 are great pics. I just hope he has something to fall back on, because I think very few porn “stars” have made fantastic careers int that business.

  • Dallas David

    I’d like to see some honest-to-goodness porn stars do a series of Sex Education videos, illustrating a range of sex positions and techniques, ranked from 1 (easy and solo) to 10 (challenging in groups).

    Along with the video illustrations, they could have a Medical Doctor explain the technical aspects of what was going on physiologically, and give information about health issues and etc. And maybe a theologian too, adding a bit about what various religions have to say about masturbation, polygamy (it would be cool having a mullah explain why it was ok for a guy to have 4 wives, and why it was ok for King Solomon to have 700 wives and 300 concubines), and orgies, and S&M, and etc etc etc.

    Yeah, the porn studios have the actors, all they really need are some good script writers to add in the technical stuff, and they could sell a series of “How-To” gay sex videos that no household in America should be without. Maybe even some school districts, too.

    Just a thought.

  • mike128

    I think he looks great.

  • MikeE

    strange that admitting to not finding someone attractive or sexually appealing amounts to “hating”.

    I don’t like the appearance of twinks. This guy is basically a twink. Some guys find that hot. I don’t.

    I like guys that are older, hairier and more rugged. Not necessarily “more masculine”. I’ve known plenty of men who were slightly “delicate” to use a euphemism. And they were VERY hot. So nothing to do with his mannerisms.

    MY comments, at least, were related to his faux “masculine” poses. If he wants to do porn, he should be himself. Far too many guys doing the whole “put on” butch thing, and they just can’t pull it off.

    By the way, I ain’t got no pretense of being “butch” myself. Neither is my husband.

  • Bron

    Mike E. : I think this guy looks hot. But I also agree with all your post.

  • Ken S

    10, 13 and 15 didn’t suck… but as for the rest, meh, I’d say nay-nay, stick to histrionic celeb diva support confessional videos :-/ I don’t know that I’ll ever stop being put off by the “Leave Britney Alone” image of him carrying on like a *crazy person*; personality can seriously dampen physical attraction for me.

  • Little Kiwi

    “It’s especially amazing that you can know so much about a person’s childhood, paternal relationships, and charitable works just by learning what they find sexually attractive…”

    actually, i’m amazed at how clueless so many gay men are in that they don’t realize how TEXTBOOK they are and how obviously they wear their insecurities for all to see.

    i won’t apologize for seeing clearly, nor will i apologize for being smarter than the legions of insecure gay wimps who just never got over the fact that Daddy resented having a cocksucker for a son.

  • Erik

    @Little Kiwi: My Dad has been 100% supportive since I came out, even has an HRC sticker on HIS car, and I’m still not attracted to feminine gay men.

    Your psychoanalysis isn’t one size fits all.

  • Erik

    @Little Kiwi: My dad has been 100% supportive since I came out, even has an HRC sticker on HIS car, and I am still not attracted to feminine gay men. I’m not offended by it, but have no desire to participate in it and don’t find it attractive — at all.

    Your psychoanalysis isn’t one size fits all.

  • Little Kiwi

    of course you don’t. you still think all ‘femme’ guys are the same. which they’re not. you’re one more homosexual who only is able to find security in yourself by telling yourself, and Daddy, that you’re “not one of those fems”

    Coming Out doesn’t mean you’ve accepted yourself. Never underestimate the legions of gay wimps whose middling level of self-acceptance hinges entirely on their own reinforcement of gender-norms.

  • Craig

    Why the hell every time Chris is posted about is there some HUGE discussion about femme / masculine?

    Can’t we just ACCEPT THAT HE IS HOT?

  • Maverick

    Chris is a hot man now. He may not be everyone’s favorite guy, but he IS hot.

  • MikeE

    Why the hell every time Chris is posted about is there some HUGE discussion about femme / masculine?

    Can’t we just accept that HE’S NOT EVERY GUY’S CUP OF TEA?

    Shit, he’s a twink, if you like twinks, good for you.
    Why is it that those who DON’T like twinks get chastised and accused of having gender conformity issues?

  • Gay Veteran

    A bunch of self-loathing in the comment section. I would think such homophobia would come from straight men.

    Chris Crocker is hot. He enjoys drag(male and female) and like @Little Kiwi: said, he’s done more for the LGBT community than a lot of you spreading hate.

  • Cam

    @Little Kiwi: said..

    “”What’s amazing is this – Crocker has actually done more positive proactive LGBT work than nearly all of the “haters” on here combined.
    He has an utterly PERFECT video on his youtube page where he succinctly and intelligently articulates the ongoing “insecure masc guys who hate femmes” debacle that has plagued our community for decades.
    For real. Check it out. The dude makes intelligent, rational, and effective points””

    So lets see, your backing for the statement that Crocker has done more for gay rights than all of the people on here combined, is that he made a video about the masculine v. femme debate.

    Oh yes, you win, that is SO much more important than the federal laws against us, state laws that allow us to be fired, school bullying, etc…

    My My My, if only we would have known decades ago that if we had a discussion about masc. v. Femme in a video it would solve all problems and gold glitter would rain down on us and all would be right with the world. (Eye Roll)

  • Bron

    Yeah, I’d like to know too what is all this Crocker has supposedly done for the LGBT communities ?! I didn’t even know who he was. I just think he looks kind of hot in those photos. I had no idea, until reading these posts, that he was that leave-britney-alone character.

  • Storm

    Butch or fem, this emaciated slice of boyhood is what passes for “super-hot” these days? Community values have gone to hell.

  • Red Meat

    He looks good like this so the pathetic haters can go fuck themselves.

    That being said, his attitude, tone, and mannerisms make him unattractive.

  • Bryan

    He’s grown up and looking really good. I’m not sure I’d ever be able to watch him in a porno because all I’ll keep seeing is that Britney video and that’ll be a huge turn off. But he’s matured quiet well, looks hot.

  • arbiter

    Still def hasn’t beefed up enough to meet those expectations, but reasonably attractive, I guess. He could bottom for me :) Why didn’t he do fashion modeling? Honestly, his angular jaw and physique seem more appropriate in that arena. Ah well.

  • nineinchnail

    He’s cute but he’ll be screaming like a cat on heat with Brent Everett pounding his arse.

  • nineinchnail

    @Cam: ROFLMFAO!!!

  • nineinchnail

    He’ll be screaming like a girl if he gets Brent Everett’s fat cock rammed up is ass. Every time I see his pic I cant help but see the Britney Queen ie he is asexual.

  • Mike1987

    @Codswallop: #19 Well written and thanks for putting this into perspective.

  • Fredrich James

    oh PLEEEEEZE! The fact that she is doing a porn with that idiot is beyond me. Get him off the stage please. As I have said before elsewere; NOBODY gets to do a porn with my fairy porn mother before I do. Especially him. He is not hot; just a HOT MESS. Mabey he should take pointers from Jed James. Jed obviously knows what he is talking about, calling me a fat wanker past his prime.

  • Tom

    Everyone’s gotta earn a living. Good luck to ’em.

  • Jay

    I liked him as girl because he was being himself… now as a boy, I think he is cute. Twink-ish, but cute nonetheless ( I am not into twinks). It’s just kinda sad that he is going into the porn industry.

  • Chris

    @ Little Kiwi

    Stop getting so butthurt about people’s preferences over masculine vs feminine. There is a lot of hostility against “femme” guys and such, but other than the issue that it should be an accepted part of the “community” like masculine gays are, guys who are not sexually attracted to feminine guys are not the issue here.

    I personally would not date a feminine guy because it’s not what I find attractive, and the part of the qualities that I find attractive in a man is his masculinity. The whole “oh my god you’re conforming to the social norms of gender identity blah blah blah you’re a gay wimp ” by making fun of people’s sexual preferences and questioning them is just as damaging as the gays who make an effort to outcast feminine gays. People’s preferences in terms of sex and who they want to be associated with are exactly that – their preference, and as long as they are not hurting anybody it should be respected. Don’t like it? Move on, and find someone else that does, rather than finding the time to make your point by personally attacking people, because when you do that, no one is going to listen to you.

  • neil

    really quite cute and good looking. better than some of the morning goods subjects. stop hating.

  • Nice Sean (formerly Sean, and Sean from england.)

    Aww. I think he’s cute.

  • zrocqs

    @MikeE: and @Cam: It’s not the comments stating a lack of attraction that are the problem. It’s the attempts at denegrating this young man that deserve comdemnation. And yes, there are several attempts at denegration among these posts. Don’t want to fuck him? Fine. But trying to buttress your fragile self-image by insulting or dismissing someone else is just douchey.

    @Chris: “Methinks thou dost pretend too much.”

  • Raphael

    @arbiter: Because he’s really short (5’8″). Most female fashion models can’t even get away with that.

  • James

    @3 Chopsie-Well said. He’s trying to be LMAO “butch” but he’s still all woman. I’ve seen his amateur porn he posted online and he’s just average and he can do better than doing porn.

  • Little Kiwi

    how brave some of you are in an online forum where you can’t have your face or name attached to what you say.

    Crocker is more man than most of you will likely every be.

    this is not about attractions, at all. this is about the barely-veiled resentment in your wannabe-“masc” guys who, quite frankly, are still in that insecure “i’m gay but i’m not like those fem gays” stage of non-acceptance.

    grow a pair.

  • James

    I agree Chopsie. LOL Crocker can butch up all he wants but he’s still all woman! ;)

    I saw his amateur pr0n he put online and he shouldn’t be doing porn at all since he’s not hung and is way too twinky and femmey.

  • Little Kiwi

    you guys are hilarious. your misogyny, your self-loathing. it’s kinda pathetic.

    but of COURSE you lash out at Crocker – he’s everything you wimps needed to “not be” in order for your father’s to tolerate you.

    grow some real balls. really truly “masc” men stand up for their brothers, even the gender-nonconformists. in fact, especially them.

  • Pillow Biter

    I have nothing against Chris – more power to him.

    I agree though, it’s not “hating” if he’s just not my type. I prefer beefy top-daddy dudes / types that are going to rattle my cage and have me begging.

    Twinks just are going to do that for me.

    But I certainly don’t “hate” him.

  • Riker

    Yum! BTW, did anyone see his music video “Freak of Nature”? It perfectly sums up his blend of masculline and femenine.

  • Didaskalos

    This guy is the greatest enemy of the “BORN GAY” ideology EVAR.
    If that poor little screaming boy can get his cookie-dough baked and come out looking like this, anybody can!
    Gender IS A PROCESS kids; those who stagate at some point in their journey are boring.
    I expect Crocker will go down in history as one of the greatest gender-players since David Bowie.

  • Gay Veteran

    People keep talking about how they have the right to like whatever they like… but they still don’t address the real problem which is the misogyny, homophobia, transphobia, etc.

    No one cares about your “preference”.

  • Jayson

    I find it strange how someone can be so thin, yet look flabby at the same time. I happy for him though. Sounds like he’s living his dream of being a sex star. Next stop, drug addiction. LEAVE CHRIS ALONE!!! YOU’RE LUCKY HE EVEN PERFORMED FOR YOU BASTARDS!

  • J.

    These posts on here prove so much about gay men. Catty, disgusting, transphobic, and still have yet to grow up.

    So sad.

  • DarkZephyr

    @Cam: I hope so, I love when hot guys are all oiled up.

  • Cal

    I can’t wait to watch him get F*ed and squeal like a little girl…
    damn I’m kinky, and I’m surprised I’d say something like that being a bottom

  • tom

    Hi has beautiful legs and he always had a beautiful face. Picture #10 is super sexy because it shows up his legs.

  • faggot1

    Why be hating on Fem guys? They have more balls than most of the closet case ‘macho’ men I know. As for the porn thing, its been a while since Brett has bottomed.

  • Christian

    OMG!! All these posts are so funny!! Seriously, I can’t stop laughing. You guys are doing too much. If hating fem guys is a front to your insecurities then what about hating masc guys? (if the animosity towards masc gays is not a hint at you insecurities then I don’t know what is) Or hating guys who won’t date fem guys? What about guys with a race preference? Let me tell you there are so many gays who won’t date out of their race. Should I be angry and accuse them of being insecure about themselves?

    Seriously, all you gays need to grow up and realize that masc/fem are not mutually exclusive. WE ALL exhibit some of both. But some guys feel more comfortable around mostly fem guys, some around mostly masc guys. Some are more fem than others and some are more masc than others. Same with EVERY preference be it sexual or platonic. We tend to prefer to be with people like ourselves.

    The REAL gay stereotype is believing that you MUST be one or the other. Or that you must shout “Hey gurl!” if you’re fem or “Yo whats up?” if your masc. Or that gays who are masc are insecure. That’s the most disgusting piece of bull-crap that gays feel the need to defend and promote. I don’t need to say “hey gurl how you durrin?” to be gay just as much as straight guys don’t need to play/watch sports and drink beer to be straight. So if someone is not very comfortable around fem guys then so the fuck what?? And if someone is not very comfortable around masc guys then so the fuck what?? We all have certain preferences and won’t be able to be comfortable around or to be close friends with EVERY single type of person out there.

    (Just think about someone you are not comfortable with and then tell me THAT is not a sign of your insecurities…SMH)

    On the subject of Chris Crocker: hes cute or whatever. I’m not gonna watch his vids or anything but I liked him better doing his YouTube thing. He’s funny.

  • jhr459

    He shore has a purty mouth.

  • jhr459


    yeah, except that’s not what the post said – it said he had done more than the people on this forum and I bet a big case could be made for that

  • Guillermo3

    @Thomas: Yeah,He is a skinny little fucker__with bad underwear.

  • leatherboy

    I’ll give his body a 6. He’s kinda skinny, but I don’t see a lot of flab.

    However, he has beautiful eyes, which are definitely a plus for me :)

  • BubbasBack

    Whatever happened to his porn movie? Guess it ain’t coming out huh… Burp.

  • Kostis

    I’d love to get fucked by this guy!

  • MoJo

    There needs to be a “VIEW ALL” option for pix on this website!

  • Jonathonz

    Great career move.

  • Brett

    He looks much better now, and it seems he’s matured a little. That’s great to hear. Keep it up, Chris!

  • nineinchnail

    I’d make him whimper as I stetch him manhole from behind.

  • bill(Guillermo3)

    @Queerty:Regarding my comment’s “awaiting moderation”}
    I can wait.
    Apparently your comments policy isn’t enforced very often,
    or is enforced selectively, considering the constant stream
    of catty/obscene comments posted here .
    OBVIOUSLY:You don’t authenticate your posters’ IDs,or
    screen for fakes.
    The ONLY bill(Guillermo3)

  • Pup

    @EdWoody: Yeah, me too. The wiry ones fold in half so nicely.

  • Jonathonz

    He needs to drop the butch act. We all know he’s a raging queen.

  • Mdvanii

    Beta male snide twink smirk, uuuuugly body….and zero interest. He should be just an anonymous face on Grindr,…gives me the chills space is even given to this snotty nerd.

  • Justin

    He looks good in pictures but when he speaks a purse falls out. Not into it.

  • Geno

    Damn ! I so wanna fuck chris crocker , he looks hot and I could carfe less if he moans like a chick. He looks like he’d be hella fun. 2. Fuck !

  • tusgold

    I just all these elf loathing queens dressed in high fashion from Wal Mart living in mom’s basement taking her mini van to rgw gay bars on weekends. Chris? CD, a lot of tracks on I tunes and an HBO film and a stud in porn

  • tusgold


    Asyou sit in Mom’s basement jacking off not a bf in sight Friday and Saturday you make Mom walk to work so you can go to town with 4 more self bitter loathing queens all geared up in Wal Marts latest fashion contribution. YOU TELL HIM

  • tusgold


    You forgt and this band of party boys naked being led by a guy just out of rehab which he couldn’t afford

  • tusgold

    I read the interview. DON’T judge him by the porn there is o much more than that part of him. he is amazing. This isn;t some crusg I am 58 and really feel where he is coming frrim. He needs a hug and a safe non-cinfrontal environment this boy is [email protected]Little Kiwi:

    he is someone who is starved for unconditional love and we need to get him out of there.

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