PHOTOS: Furries Frolic In San Francisco


When the sun goes down in San Francisco, the creatures come out to play. Don’t worry, they’re not threatening: a cuddly bear, a gentle donkey, a few wolves, a bunny, and what might be a seagull (?) mean you no harm. They’re just regulars at Frolic, a monthly furry-themed party at The Stud.

This month’s Frolic served as an after-party for one night of GaymerX, the queer-focused video game convention. Following a game-themed drag show and a cosplay contest, furry-friendly attendees headed into the heart of SoMa to dance the night away and sweat profusely.

Scroll through pics of some adorable furry fellows….

IMG_8380 IMG_8377 IMG_8375 IMG_8374 IMG_8372

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  • Josh in OR

    Furries just weird me out, I can’t help it. Dressing like cartoon animals to get off because secretly, you’re a wolf who was born in a human body? OK, sure. *Rolls eyes* If they just admitted that it was a fetish they enjoy, I’d have more respect for ’em.

    That said…hey, whatever floats your boat. Long as you don’t hurt anyone else, let your freak flag fly!

  • topher-sf

    It’s okay Josh. You can be uncomfortable. You can make a point to go online, log in, and make passive-aggressive comments on an article about a group of people you don’t know or understand. It’s cool, because, whatever floats your boat, right?

    In the meantime, like the people who are uncomfortable with queer people, you’re missing out. All the preconceived notions you have and the things you think you know about furries, like it being all about sex (sounds… kinda familiar? where have I heard that said before, and by whom… hmmmm…), you can let those notions frame what you believe, never test that belief against experience, and that’s ok, too. You have that right, just as religious conservatives will do to you, as I assume, being here, you don’t identify as strictly heterosexual.

    And in the meantime, the furry community will go on being one of the warmest, most compassionate, accepting, and caring groups of people I’ve ever had the privilege and good fortune to encounter, and they’ll go on enjoying the things they’re passionate about, whether or not they have your respect, or whether people, like yourself, see a group of people finding whatever joy they can in a troubling world, and feel that they just absolutely need to voice their disapproval, whether bluntly or couched in careful terms.

    The furries, for their own part, likely hope that you find something you can receive such joy and camaraderie in as they do in their fandom, and I for my part hope so too.

  • Geeker

    Looks sweaty.

  • gattsuru

    @Josh in OR
    The majority of folk that identify as furries, and the overwhelming majority of folk trolling gay clubs in fursuits, aren’t in it for the ‘wolf born in human body’ thing. It’s not always sexual — some folk like dressing up in mascot outfits, but don’t get a boner over it — but… uh, the guy with the Associated Student Bodies shirt is advertising (somewhat cliche) porn. Frolic’s pretty open about it being kink.

    The weird spiritual stuff exists, but it’s never been popular, and honestly seems to have fallen out of style.

  • IcarusD

    Some of these costumes are the same or similar to ones I saw people wearing at Pink Saturday in the Castro over Pride weekend. I wasn’t sure if those people were furries or just dressing up a la Halloween. I’m not sexually into this sort of scene but they looked like they were having an awful lot of fun. I bet this would be a fun party to go to even for people who aren’t furries.

  • middleagespread

    The parties look fun. Could not imagine dressing up in a costume. I would be so uncomfortably hot.

  • spottacus

    @IcarusD: Yes, IcarusD, we are the same folks at Pink Saturday, and also the ones who were on the Bay Area Furries float in Pride on Sunday (float 107).

  • spottacus

    @Josh in OR: Josh, I’m not sure a representation on American Dad is a good source of information on any group, it is a satire show after all. If a group makes you feel like strange, remember that for a long time anyone who was not white, straight, Christian, married, and employed was treated as an outcast in society. Your focus on the fetish aspect is very typical of how many LGBT people have been treated by society, and the lesson from this is tolerance is required, not hate. Furries are a diverse group, and any attempt to characterize them as deviant really misses the whole point of embracing diversity.

  • spottacus

    To Queery Writers and Editors: Thank you sooo much for coming to Frolic and posting these photos, your presence at the dance (and the Gaymer folks) made this a particularly energetic and positive experience for all of us there that night.

  • Raquel Santiago

    @Josh in OR:

    I can understand how u feel, that said for a long time even the LGBT community itself was ostracized and told we were wrong, and now the LGBTQQIA communinity does that to members of our community and others who act or like different things, being a furry or a part of anyc ommunity is not just about a fetish or sex, for many it is a way of life and being a part of something. I am soo honored to have friends from all parts of all communities.

  • Raquel Santiago


    If you get a chance please contact me directly. A close friend of both of ours and myself are working on something we would like if possible to include this community in.

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