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PHOTOS: Moyer of a Good Thing


MORNING GOODS — They may share a name, but we’re pretty sure there’s a difference between True Blood‘s Stephen Moyer and fitness model Stephen Moyer. Namely, we’re not afraid of being bitten by this guy. Well, at least not with fangs. (Photos: Brian Sloane, Kemuel Valdes, D’Andre Michael, Les Byerley, Martin Ryter, Empyreon Photo, Ronald Tan, Jun Santiago)

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  • dvlaries

    This Wednesday’s child is not full of woe.

  • Lynn David

    Mmmm…. what’s with the bands and rope….

  • terrwill

    How does he ever keep track of all those different facial expressions he displays? :-P

    Sorry nice bod zero sex appeal…………

  • Rick

    @Terrwill: I think there’s been some serious steroid related shrinkage…

  • hardmannyc

    ^^^^ Well, we got the obligatory “steroid” and “no sex appeal” stupid comments out of the way. Anyone want to step to the plate? These are still available:

    • Butterface
    • Lack of body hair
    • Too old
    • Won’t age well
    • Is probably stupid

  • Spence


    Your post was awesome and completely true. I LMAO when I read it. And you KNOW that those comments will eventually make their way onto this post!

  • terrwill

    Hardmannyc: At least I gave him a compliment on his body, howeva there is nothing appealing about appearing in every single photo with that cookie cutter “I am very serious” model mug…………………

  • Andrew W


    Can I just say that he’s not my type, or do I have to pick from the menu?

  • AlanInUtah

    with him having a butterface, lack of body hair, being too old, not aging well, and likely being stupid, I’d hit it! Actually, I think he is quite hot and will age quite well. His expression isn’t off-putting at all, so I’m not effected by it so much as I am turned on by his sheer sexiness. Yummy!

  • Cass

    I got faint on the first picture. The side shot of his ass with that ever sexy back curve, well, gotta go now. :)

  • Michael

    He’s a trainer at my gym. Sooo hard not to stare. And he’s even more gorgeous in person.

  • Keith Kimmel

    I’d hit it. But I wouldn’t wanna keep it. Not my type, I like ’em younger… mmm, twinkies!

  • Scottie

    He’s absolutely flawless. Period. End of story.

  • alan brickman

    He’s superhawt!! and your just Jealous, Jealous, Jealous….

  • McShane

    @No. 10 · Cass :did you see#16: I t sems odd when they have such outstanding butts to only give that aspect partial coverage. He could have a whole section of outstanding ass shots. He’d sell me a gym membership.if he’d just pull his pants down now and again.

  • McShane

    you’re right though , the 1st pic shows the conjuncture of spine and high riding cheeks, quite amazing. Great asses are born, not made for the most part.

  • Steven

    @ Michael: Any idea why are his arms so veiny? Some people really get off on that, I know, but not me alas.

    Number 6 and the last were the best in my opinion. The rest were pretty average; they didn’t really *do* anything wth this guy. Pity.

  • Suburban

    I like #2, very very nice. #3 he’s ripped and I could lick those veins. #6 is…interesting. #7 he looks fake (?)

  • Gilbert

    Wow, who new! He is a trainer at my gym. Amazing body and an great guy. Now that’s a great package. I never get to see his damn legs, he always wears those damn baggy black pants. Hot pictures though. You should check out his website and vid. You won’t stop doing push-ups. Sorry guys he doesn’t play on our team.

  • Paul

    hey hardmannyc How about letting other people have their own opinions and just stfu? I mean what we really can count on is you chiming in to critique other people tastes. Damn, what a control freak!

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