PHOTOS: The Circuit Lives On At Fire Island Pines’ Ascension Party


PHOTOS: How do you get 2,500 gay men on the beach in overcast weather? Throw a circuit party! The yearly Ascension Party owned the Fire Island Pines this weekend, bringing in throngs upon throngs of gay men — a few in actual thongs. The marquee event was Sunday’s Beach Party, where DJ Hector Fonseca and DJ Theresa spun alongside a surprise performance from Natascha Bessez. A marvelous display of fireworks shot up from boats in the bay on Saturday, while rumors surfaced that semi-public sex was on display at Friday’s Underwear Party. Check out the photos from the Saturday’s Tea Dance and the Beach Party in our exclusive slideshow. Warning: our photographer has a sweet tooth for abs.

Photos: Evan Mulvihill






dancer-old-ladyThis young lady is certainly enjoying the view.

Dj-theresa-dj-hector-fonsecaDJs Theresa and Hector Fonseca




Natascha Bessez






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  • Katbox

    Well, there’s one sort of attractive guy here………..sort of.

  • etseq

    Circuit parties were great when you are young and could do a bunch of drugs and tweak out all weekend. However, after a few years, that lifestyle will either lead you to rehab or poverty once you lose your job. I got off the circuit before I needed rehab but alot of my friends didn’t. Not trying to be judgmental – I certainly had a blast but it comes at a price…

  • JustSayin

    TOTALLY agree, Katbox!!!!

  • QJ201

    Some things never change. Oh yeah except after the party they’re all barebacking like it’s no big deal.

  • MikeE

    @etseq: It’s strange, even in my younger years the circuit party thing never interested me. I had friends who would go all-out for the “Black” parties, and the “White” parties and so on and so forth. I guess not doing drugs and barely drinking doesn’t help one “appreciate” the ambience of a circuit party?

    I DID go to a few of them, but it held so little interest for me that I’d barely stay longer than an hour.

    Sort of strange, because I DID enjoy going to bars to dance with friends.

  • erasure25

    @Katbox: the deer, right?

  • etseq

    @MikeE: Honestly, I tried going to parties sober and it was the worst experience – there is just no way to keep going for 2 days straight without chemicals. Also, I’d say over 90% of the people there are high so peer pressure makes it kinda difficult. As for bars, I used to go to those to socialize and have a few drinks but as bars were slowly replaced by larger clubs, the weekends tended to become a sort of mini-circuit party. I just finally grew out of it but I had a blast for those years I was into it. I wouldn’t trade some of those experiences for anything…

  • startenout

    I guess it is always a matter of taste, but I see a number of handsome men in these pictures, mainly because they look like they are having a good time…instead of going onto Queerty to say how unattractive they find absolutely everyone. I guess some people have TASTE (and CLASS), and others don’t. :)

  • MR_EE

    @etseq: Totally agree with u

  • etseq

    @startenout: Anyone who says these guys aren’t hot aren’t looking close enough!

  • SoThenWhatHappened

    blech. enjoy your HIV and liver failure from steroids, losers.

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