PHOTOS: Who’s This Cocky Kilt-Wearing Fella?

toddhanebrink4 GRATUITOUS SKIN — So, we’re in love with Todd Hanebrink. And it’s not that fleeting love that escapes you once you close your browser, because this kilt-sporting 29-year-old New Yorker has that self-aware self-confidence that lasts. And lasts.

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  • dvlaries

    Pose 10 is a wrong move, but the others are great.

  • kademonster

    love him

  • @Daniel_Baylis

    He’s alright. I mean if you’re into hot, chizzled men in sexy kilts with kissable lips.


  • Jack

    In #3, he seems to be struggling to understand how a door works…

  • Koolite

    Pretty cute for a white guy.

  • Ian

    While I like them it’s still refreshing one in a while to see a ripped guy’s skin free of tattoo’s so as to better appreciate his natural beauty.

  • Phoenix (Foot Soldier in the Pink Platoon)

    Please bring back thumbnails.

  • rcloy

    yeah.. please bring back the thumbnails..

  • Moo

    Hated the thumbnails, so please don’t bring them back.

  • Steve D.

    @Jack: laughing my ass off. I was imagining the photo shoot for #3: “work with me, you’re pulling the door open, you’re pulling the door . . . . we’ve got a dumb one here”

  • Ricky

    #6 concerns me..

    Was that thigh photoshopped to look bigger?


  • Jennifer569


  • Jennifer569

    As a girl, I’m a little lesbian because I like girls and don’t like men. For a long time, I always ask myself if I’m a lesbian, which confused me. Until that day, i get the answer on a lesbian site. At that day, I found lots of lesbians on the world.

  • Nick

    And people think I’m weird when I say I have a thing for guys in kilts…

  • Ricky


    Most men I have seen in kilts look NOTHING like this guy.

  • alan brickman

    very good looking…stop being jealous….

  • Cam

    Ok, I have to crack up. If you are going to wax a guy down and try to make us believe that he somehow has absolutly no body hair. You may want to shave his ass too. Just saying.

  • Todd

    Hey this is Todd Hanebrink – thanks for the positive comments! Stay tuned for a website –!

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