“Poor Me,” Says Rod Parsley

You haven’t heard the last of Rod Parsley! The preacher man, who John McCain denounced last month over Parsley’s anti-Islamic politics, took to YouTube last week to lament how the media and other “political hit squads” twisted his words…

I’d like to take a few moments and respond to the recent media reports regarding my statements in the book Silent No More about Islam. It doesn’t surprise me that, as I continue to engage the culture with a thoroughly Biblical worldview that political hit-squads have begun to describe some of my views in the most ominous and extreme terms.

Certainly, I’m disappointed with those in the media who have misrepresented my views for political gain and who have lied in pursuit of political power. It’s a sad moment in American politics; one of the many in the recent election cycle.

My views on Islam, which have come under such scrutiny and misrepresentation, are very much in the mainstream. Anyone who has read the entire chapter on Islam in my book Silent No More understands that what I have said is echoed from the White House to the State Department, from leading universities to the pulpits of our nation.

I understand that the raw truth of the pulpit cannot survive untempered in the political sphere. Still, I believe that clergy of all faiths should be able to speak into the lives of our political leaders without every doctrine and statement of those religious leaders being transformed into political weapons by the politically vicious and misguided.

Forgive us, Parsley, if we don’t have sympathy for a xenophobic pastor who uses his pulpit to decry the gays’ damning of America.