NEWS: Calvin Klein’s Ex In 3-Way And/Or Car Crash & Frank Ocean Busted For Pot


Calvin Klein‘s “ex-gay” ex-boy toy/professional trashbag Nick Gruber barely had a chance to roll out of the gutter when he totaled his new boyfriend’s BMW while on a date with a ladyfriend. Still, the worst part about this story is that he was hit by a PT Cruiser.

– R&B golden boy Frank Ocean got in trouble with the boys in blue for being in possession of some green while presumably bumping Channel Orange and going 95mph in a 60mph zone.

twilit– Video of Twilight “star” Bronson Pelletier being twilit and peeing in an airport went viral as did allegations that he was on meth. But he’d like you to know he’s not breaking bad since his teeth are fine and he was just publicly drunk, thank you.

– Apparently, if blind items are to be believed, Angelina Jolie settled for Brad Pitt after Colin Farrell wouldn’t put a ring on it. And by it, we mean his penis.

– Meanwhile, here’s Meryl Streep on the subway in the 80s. Just an Oscar-winning lady of the people.

– Supermodel Naomi Campbell was on the receiving end of violence this time around when she was mugged in Paris and suffered an injured leg. Not to worry, though, her billionaire boyfriend flew her by private jet to Colorado for immediate(?) care by one of the top orthopedic surgeons in the world. She’ll be storming the runway in no time.

– The 85th annual Academy Awards will pay tribute to the 50th anniversary of the James Bond franchise as well as the 300th anniversary of Sean Connery‘s birth.

The Avengers was voted — overwhelmingly — the most overrated movie of 2012. Guess that’s $623 million down the drain. Talk about biting the hand that fails to entertain you.

– Raptresses Azealia Banks and Angel Haze are getting their Lil’ Kim-Foxy Brown on with a beef via Twitter.

– One of our favorite webseries, Got 2B Real is coming to an end and it’s going out with a big, fat, two-part series finale. Honestly, we’d prefer more of the divas and less of the two queens hosting it, but we’ll leave the shade to Patti and co.

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  • hyhybt

    What’s a professional trashbag? Never heard that one before.

  • Rockery

    Honestly… Calvin Klein scares me

  • Rockery

    Nick is a professional trashbag but we have to give him kudos for being able to complete sexual acts with CK. I would run away, very quickly

  • clairebear24

    I think you’re after Bronson Pelletier rather than Brandon Pelletier (Brandon is a Marine Lance Corporal)…

  • Lester Brathwaite

    @clairebear24: Thanks!

  • capsule

    John Luciano should dump Nick Gruber. He can hire rent boys if he wants to get laid.

  • litper

    Thats why you should never date “straight” guys!

  • Gigi Gee

    Why is there such a hate-on for Nick Gruber. He did some porn – 99.9% of all gay men like a bit of porn every now and then. He dated Calvin Klein – I prefer my men not to be Jurassic but you have to admit, the doors of opportunity opened by a man like Klein and the chance to meet the people in his circle of influence…hard to resist for a young guy wanting to get out of porn. He sure got some nice teeth out of the relationship!

  • Stache1

    @Gigi Gee:
    Probably just because he’s a duchbag. He himself considers himself to be gay for pay and only to the very wealthy gays. .

  • neostud

    @Stache1: That Nick guy has to have some MAJOR ISSUES.

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