Wealthy GOP Backers Also Funding Marriage Equality

Adding new meaning to “playing for both teams,” some of the GOP’s most prominent donors are key backers when it comes to legalizing same-sex marriage.

According to The Washington Post, billionaire hedge fund manager Paul E. Singer has raised millions for Mitt Romney and donated further millions to a super PAC supporting his campaign. Singer also gave $1 million to Freedom to Marry and another $1 million to American Unity PAC, a super PAC supporting Republican congressional candidates in favor of gay marriage.

The father of a gay son, Singer has contributed an estimated $10 million towards marriage equality and he’s not alone:

[Freedom to Marry and American Unity PAC] have received major donations from at least three other Republican hedge fund managers: Cliff Asness of AQR Capital Management, Seth Klarman of Ballpost Group and Dan Loeb of Third Point, according to records and officials. Singer and Asness were among the key backers of a successful push last year for same-sex marriage legislation in New York.

Freedom to Marry’s national campaign director, Marc Solomon, sees the support from these cash-cow conservatives as an important shift in the bipartisan marriage debate, telling The Washington Post: “The strong support that we’re getting from members of both parties indicates that this has become a mainstream American cause. This is not the same wedge issue that it was eight years ago.”

So on one hand you have the Kris Kobachs, on the other you got the Paul E. Singers and in the middle the Log Cabin Republicans slow-dancing to “Maybe This Time.” Solomon is certainly right — gay marriage is not the divisive issue it was for Democrats and Republicans. It’s a divisive issue for Republicans and other Republicans.