Seriously, Larry Craig?

It’s official! Larry Craig’s the most pathetic disgraced politico in human history.

According to the AP, the toilet trolling Senator’s legal team are again asking a judge to let him withdraw his disorderly conduct guilty plea.

Attorneys for U.S. Senator Larry Craig are asking the Minnesota Court of Appeals to correct a “manifest injustice” by allowing the Idaho Republican to withdraw his guilty plea stemming from an airport restroom sex sting.

Defense attorneys argued that even though Craig may have pleaded guilty to avoid publicity and face a more serious charge, that doesn’t change the fact that the plea is inaccurate.

The Court of Appeals had not yet set a time for oral arguments.

It’s almost as if he likes the notoriety. Did he hear about Spitzer and decide that he needs to remind the world he’s tainted, too? Don’t worry, Craig, we’ll never forget.