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She’s OK with him doing gay-for-pay because “it’s fake” and he makes $1000 a day

Ex-soldier and gay-for-pay adult film star Daniel McGraffin says his girlfriend is totally fine with him having sex with other dudes on camera because he makes $1000 for only “a few hours work.”

“My sexual identity is straight, one hundred per cert straight,” he tells the U.K.’s Channel 5 documentary The Sex Business: Swinging Both Ways.

McGraffin, who goes by the stage name Geordie Jackson, says he fell into gay adult entertainment a few years ago after burning out at his job working at a military prison.

“I was in the artillery for six years, it was decided from when I was a kid,” he explains. “I just knew I was going in the army.”

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8 days out ??

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But long hours led to “barely any sleep,” which led to McGraffin having a mental breakdown of sorts. After being let go from that job, he worked a few odd jobs before stumbling into porn.

“When I was working as a DJ, there was a fan of mine, a girl, who worked as a dominatrix. She tells me about this guy, she says he’s ‘totally straight but does gay porn’. This is a low-budget British company. The guy rings us and says, ‘the majority of it’s fake.’”

Eventually, he signed a three-year contact with Lucas Entertainment and now, he says, he’s making the big bucks.

“I ain’t smart, academically. It’s either this or going to work in a warehouse, ’cause I have no qualifications,” he says. “You need to make your money, man. I’m glad I found porn because I make more money now than I ever have.”

“I did look into straight porn, in gay porn there’s way less competition, and there’s no money in straight porn. Lucas Entertainment are the biggest gay porn company in the world. For a straight guy, there’s way more money in gay porn.”

And then there is Freya, McGraffin’s long-term girlfriend. She says she’s not bothered by people thinking her boyfriend is gay because “it’s fake” and “When he gets back (from a shoot), he doesn’t want to think about anyone with a d*ck.”

Asked whether she feels at all threatened by her boyfriend’s line of work and Freya says, “If it was straight porn, he would be attracted to the people he was working with … but that risk isn’t there because it’s full of men that he doesn’t think are fit.”

“People can sit at home and think he’s gay, but he’s not, so whatever.”

McGraffin says he takes it as a compliment when people think he’s gay because it means he’s doing a good job.

“People outside the industry think I must be gay,” he says. “They don’t know the tricks of the trade. They say ‘you look like you’re enjoying it’. And I say, ‘thanks, that means I’m a good actor.'”

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Just over 4 weeks to go. #bkb

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