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Someone hacked Shawn Mendes’ Twitter to write a fake coming out message. Guess how fans reacted?

“Guys, my sexuality shouldn’t be anyone’s business. Yes, I’m gay and I’m proud.”

The tweet turned up on Canadian pop star Shawn Mendes’ official Twitter account on Sunday night, shortly after his performance at the 2017 Music Video Awards.

From the look of it, the “Mercy” singer was coming out as gay — news that immediately spawned a #ShawnComingOut hashtag.

But as you can no doubt imagine, his account had been hacked and the message was written by an imposter; a swindler. And it looks as though sleuthing fans saw right through the ruse right away.

“Just let him be Shawn” was, in fact, the overall consensus among his fanbase. Focus on the music, his fans clamor. Let it move your body. Let it go ahead and stir your soul, in fact.

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Someone also called Mendes an “unproblematic angel,” so bear that in mind, too.

While Mendes has yet to react to the fake Tweet, he’s addressed rumors about his sexuality in the past. In June 2016, he took to Snapchat to voice his frustration:

h/t: j-14

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    Praying for poor Kevin Abstract the modern day Tantalus..so very close and then snatched away

  • ChrisK

    If it’s not offensive then why make a video to rebuff it. Ignoring it would show everyone that it means nothing to you.

    • Danny595

      That’s why your parents ignored you.

  • Hillers

    Apparently, he and John Mayer were rumored to be doing the dirty. I wonder if the tweet was real until his business team put the kibosh on it. Time will tell!

  • Prax07

    Shawn who? Never heard of him before.

  • alanballs

    Never heard of this young dude, but whether gay, straight, bi, or somewhere in-between, he sure is a cutie. Let him live his live and find happiness…or is that just too much to ask?

  • Kieran

    If it doesn’t matter if you’re gay, why put out a “I’M NOT GAY!! video ?

  • tham

    Sadly, his reaction should have been the same as if someone accused him of having blue eyes. Would you make a “My eye’s are not blue” video”? Or would you be more like “you can see for you my eyes are not blue, but even if they were, who cares”

    One makes me think “Man, that guy has a big hang up”…the other makes me think “Blue…brown…he’s cute”

  • phallictomato

    His account wasn’t hacked, it was another twitter user who made a similar name (I think without the space?) and made a fake post. As other twitter users have said on other gay news websites, if it were the legit Shawn, they would have been notified of this post, which they weren’t. I don’t even know who this guy is, but he’s hot. So definitely gonna look him up later in the day.

    • phallictomato

      Maybe the name was with a space? I don’t know. Either way, whoever made the fake post was not the legit Shawn.

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