Tagg Romney Wanted To Take A Swing At The President During Debates

Uh, you know, uh, well, jump out of your seat, and you want to rush down there to the debate stage and take a swing at him. But you know you can’t do that, because um, well first because there’s a lot of Secret Service between you and him…”

Tagg Romney responding to radio host Bill LuMaye asking him how it felt for the President of the United States to call his dad a “liar” during Tuesday’s debatevia

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  • sfbeast

    no surprise he would rather take a punch at the president than admit his father is indeed a liar.

  • NateB79

    “But you know you can’t do that, because um, well first because there’s a lot of Secret Service between you and him…”.. And secondly Barack probably would have served your ass to you in front of your lying daddy and a nationwide audience. Douche.

  • Mr. Enemabag Jones

    Uh, you know, uh, well…um, well…

    I wonder how much daddy pissed away on this imbeciles education.

  • 2eo

    Violent right wingers, how not surprising. They always resort to violence instead of facts.

    What he actually said.

    “I was hoping a bed sheet covered crying bald eagle wrapped in the constitution swooped down and pecked Obama to death with his teeth made out of dead 9/11 victims and forced him to admit he was a gay muslim socialist who hates white people, wears an allah ring and molests the bible for kicks”

  • Aidan8

    If he’s anything like his father, tomorrow he’ll pivot and say he really meant that he wanted to hug Obama in a fit of bi-partisan brotherhood…

  • zaneymcbanes

    @Aidan8: WIN.


    Obama would have kicked Tagg’s ass like he kicked his lying father’s in the debate.

  • Little-Kiwi

    Dear Tagg, which of you five Romney boys is the ‘mo? Cuz you aint all straight.

  • MK Ultra

    He’S got that American psycho look to him.

  • iBLOW

    Lol Romney would get DEATH threats if his son took a swing at Obama and imagine all the press the election would be over

  • Niall

    I’d love it if he tried it. The beatdown from the Secret Service or the beatdown from Obama or the beatdown his dad would get in the polls would be amazing to watch.

  • Charli Girl

    Is it me? Or do those boys look like ware wolves?
    I thought the same as the other commenter..
    ONE of them boys ARE GAY!!
    AIN’T no way they’re ALL str8!!!
    Obama would whoop YO ass Lil boy!!!

  • BradT

    Republicans first instinct is always violence because they can’t convince anyone with their words. Romney’s 5 sons would have run the brown shirts if they had lived in the 30’s.

  • Amos15

    If somebody named Tagg wanted to take a swing at me I’d let her!

  • Black Pegasus

    Tagg Romney is a sorry sack of shit! He and his brothers need to punch themselves in the face for looking so damn creepy…All of them (including millions of republicans) will be punching a wall the morning of Nov 7th after Obama wins 4 more yrs.

  • Eric Auerbach

    Which Romney son’s the gay one? Smart money’s on Craig.

  • dvlaries

    I wonder how many of Tagg’s schoolmates had their heads shaved by him while Tagg’s little yes-men buddies held the victim down? Surely the Mittster taught his boys to be the same coward bully he is.

  • jean

    If Michelle Obama’s brother, the black football coach, said something like that about Romney, the conservative media would be screaming bloody murder!

  • 2eo

    @jean: It’s different when black people and Democrats do it, it’s terrorism from people who hate Murrrrca.

  • Cam

    And the victim train rolls on. Ann Romney crying that people disagreeing with her husband are attacking him and are bullies, and Tag Romney wants to attack the President of the U.S. for calling his father a liar.

    Hey Tag (Tag?) You don’t want people to call your father a liar…well then tell your dad to stop lying all the time.

    Oh, and remember that inheritance that Romney claims to have given away? Millions of that are in trust for his wonderful children like Tag. Yes, Litttle Tag who has not had a job for years, merely tagged along with dad’s campaign has multiple millions sitting there basically untaxed for him.

  • Avenger

    [email protected] trying to imply that one of Romney’s sons is gay. Prove it…

  • Eric Auerbach

    @Avenger: Actually, we haven’t been so much implying it as saying it explicitly.

    And as for proof? You’re probably one of those people who thinks Marcus Bachmann is just flamboyantly heterosexual.

  • Avenger

    @Eric Auerbach: What does Marcus Bachmann have to do with this? So in other words, you don’t have any proof that any of Romney’s sons is gay. I didn’t think so.

  • Charli Girl

    Just saying: what are the odds of FIVE BOYS being str8?
    Slim to nuttin!!! Bahahaha

  • Eric Auerbach

    @Avenger: Well, Avenger, the Romney boys haven’t sucked *my* dick personally (and thank God for that), but odd’s are at least one of those lads regularly has “confusing” dreams involving his male friends. In any case, it’s not an insult to suggest one of the Romney spawn is gay, so you don’t need to get your GOProud panties in a bunch.

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