The 10 Best Marriage-Equality Videos From Around the World

It turns out the daughter of notoriously anti-gay president George W. Bush supports marriage equality in New York State. Gee Barb, would it have been too much to ask you to have done this while your dad was in office?

Hollywood assembled some of its brightest (and funniest stars) for this musical parody of California’s Prop 8 battle.


Zach Wahls speaks to the Iowa State Legislature about being raised by two moms. This viral video continues to make the rounds, probably because Wahls speaks so eloquently—but the fact that he’s cute as a button doesn’t hurt, either.

Another Australian entry, this one from “I Do,” a star-studded marriage-equality campaign in the land of Oz. Among those involved are Rachel Griffiths, Transformers actress Rachael Taylor, Westlife singer Brian McFadden, out Olympian Matthew Mitcham, rugby star David Pocock and Kath & Kim’s Magda Szubanski.




“Everyone wants someone to grow old with,” says Sophia in this vintage Golden Girls clip. “And shouldn’t everyone have that chance?”

Yes they should—even foul-mouthed old ladies who tell too many stories about the Old Country deserve love.