Actress Sarah Paulson has become a lightning rod for transgender fans following a Twitter interaction with one of her followers. Fans continue to debate if Paulson is secretly transphobic after the exchange.

Paulson, the openly queer actress known for her roles in Ratched and American Horror Story, came under fire on the Transgender Day of Visibility (March 31) for a simple reason: she does not include her pronouns as part of her Twitter profile. User @MLFSCM chastised Paulson for the omission, charging the actress is transphobic for not doing so.

“Put ur pronouns in your bio, it’s not that hard,” @MLFSCM wrote.

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The criticism elicited a response from Paulson, who didn’t seem to hold back. “It’s also not that hard for you to not tell what to do,” Paulson tweeted back.

@MLFSCM has since deleted the tweet, though that hasn’t stopped Twitter from raging over Paulson’s pronouns, or lack thereof. Some transgender fans and their allies have rushed to defend Paulson, noting her history of solidarity with transgender people in the past.

“Thousands of people on twitter, celebrity or not, don’t list pronouns in their profiles,” noted user Vivan Kasey. “I prefer not to but please don’t assume what this means about me or anyone else. Your strongest allies may not list pronouns. It is a personal choice.”

“I didn’t see the viciousness because I wasn’t on at the time but I’m repulsed people were so brutal towards you and your wife,” added Oscar-winning actress Patricia Arquette, sister of the late transgender actress Alexis Arquette.

“She did mention before she doesn’t want to label herself,” said user @love_sarahp. “I hope people does not force this unto others. If someone could’ve asked her in a nice way– i don’t think her response would be the same.”

On the other hand, those calls for patience and privacy went unheeded by other Twitter users, who went so far as to accuse Paulson of being a closet transphobe.

“The reason it’s done is for solidarity with the trans community, and it’s trans day of visibility,” noted @cxptainjaneway. “It’s done to make the internet a safer place for trans people. Please put your pronouns in your bio and rethink this tweet.”

“Miss paulson it’s the least u could do to show allyship and be a decent human,” tweeted @raewalkermv.

“i hope you learn to realize how much you could help trans individuals and youth by normalizing pronouns in bios. it takes 2 seconds, but makes a big impact. genuinely hoping you reconsider and add them soon,” added @dizzycows.

At the time of this writing, Paulson has yet to further engage in the debate. Historically speaking, Paulson has shown herself to be an ally of the transgender community in the past. Last year, Paulson attacked author JK Rowling on Twitter for her transphobic remarks. In 2018, Paulson also issued harsh criticism of Donald Trump‘s ban on transgender people serving in the military.

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