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Trump praises pastor who called LGBTQ people “filthy” to other pastor who blamed 9/11 on queers

If you still think Donald Trump is looking out for the best interests of LGBTQ Americans, perhaps this will help reveal some truth. Then again, if you really do still think Donald Trump is looking out for the best interests of LGBTQ Americans, after all his administration has done so far, there may very well be no evidence that can influence that position.

Nevertheless, this doesn’t look good for so many reasons.

The President sat down for an interview with antigay televangelist and 700 Club host Pat Robertson at the White House, heaping praise upon another anti-LGBTQ pastor — Robert Jeffress. He’s a “great guy,” the president told Robertson.

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Let’s just take a brief moment to break this down.

First, Trump’s invited interviewer, Pat Robertson, has a long history of spewing hate antigay speech disguised as religious insight. He’s the guy who once said that he “totally concur[red]” with Rev. Jerry Falwell when he said that “the abortionists, and the feminists, and the gays, and the lesbians” must “bear some burden” for the 9/11 terror attacks.”

And here are just a select few things he’s said over the years, chosen from a virtually unlimited well of bullsh*t: Gays are taking away everyone else’s freedom, gay-accepting Christians are going straight to hell, gay atheists should be treated like drug addicts. Oh, and you can get AIDS from towels.

Pastor Jeffress, whom Trump called a “great guy” in his interview with Robertson, is also a real piece of work. He has previously explained that LGBTQ people lead “miserable” and “filthy” lives and that “homosexuality is perverse — it represents a degradation of a person’s mind.”

Here’s a clip from the July 13 700 Club interview:

With everything going on in and around Trump’s three-ring circus of an administration, it’s easy to overlook this interview as insignificant. But Trump yet again aligning himself with the antigay right is a huge cause for concern.

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Keeping these people happy means opposing equality for LGBTQ people, and Trump has given every indication that he intends to keep them pleased as punch throughout his presidency.

Take this photo from a few days ago, when Trump hosted around 25 leaders of the religious right, among which were antigay extremists and members of hate groups. They all prayed in the Oval Office, placing their hands on the president like he was some sort of holy artifact. And we’ll bet they weren’t praying for workplace protections for LGBTQ people to pass through the federal legislature.

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  • Roan

    A disgusting pig surrounded by a group of disgusting pigs. What else can be said?

    • Juanjo

      amen to that

    • GayEGO

      My thoughts exactly!

    • tlbuffin

      It’s very important not to discriminate against pigs. Pigs are better than Trump.

  • loulou2lou

    The article failed to mention ,Aids along with the other things we are or were responsible for,I didn’t know about 9/11.OK come on now who’s the NY queen responsible for flying into the Twins?
    Fez up or we will revoke your membership.

    • GayEGO

      Actually, Aids was caused by a straight man in Africa who caught SIV from an ape and it mutated to HIV according to the scientists.

  • paul dorian lord fredine

    let’s not forget hurricane katrina, the drought, the tornadoes, and that particular earthquake in nepal (although, according to michelle bachmann, abortion also bore some of the responsibility). is there a single bad thing that hasn’t been blamed on us? oh, right. the election of trump. the conservative ‘christians’ can own that one by themselves.

  • Kangol

    He sinking so he’s reaching out for any life raft or ballast, no matter how vile or toxic. Trump was never a supporter of LGBTQ people and his administration’s actions, like those of the GOP, make his anti-gay POV and policies clearer with each passing day.

    • He BGB

      If you praise him and tell him how wonderful he is, he will do anything for you but is basically out for himself and nobody else. Surprised poor medicaid recipients in Kentucky, Indiana, and other states are still supporting their republican leaders the same ones who want to abolish their health care. Would you still vote republican they asked one medicaid lady on 27 meds, yes, she said. Why? I want to know.

  • He BGB

    Pat Robertson sitting across from trump looks like a dried up mummy they propped up with a stick. How hes shrunk. He’s crazy and I think Trump is getting there too with the pressure and his age. I’m glad I’m getting up there in age and poor health and won’t live to see how America is going to be a terrible theocracy one day soon. No free press and god making the laws thru power hungry greedy crazed Christians.

  • Eddie Jr

    I can’t believe that Pat Robertson hasn’t blown away and died yet. Actually from that clip it looks like all he has to do IS blow away.

  • GayEGO

    No surprise to me, I could see that look on Trumps face before he started his TV reality show – The Apprentice. Some narcissists are homophobic as well.

  • Billysees

    Trump really does want to win and he knows that the religious right is very necessary for that to continue. He butters them up every chance he gets, and the flattery he extends to them is unbelievable and ugly. Flattery — excessive or insincere praise, the dictionary says. Trump is acting and talking like a flattery generator.

    Any fundamentalist would never marry a Catholic woman and would never send their children to a liberal Episcopal school. If he really liked Falwell so well, he would have sent his young son off to be evangelized, but he would never do that.

    The fundamentalist world are not a bunch of dummies and they can see what he’s doing and why. They’re going to milk him like he’s milking them.

    I think that Trump might not have won the election if it weren’t for the democratic voter crossover. It may be possible to defeat him in 2020 if that crossover returns to the democratic side and more Dems get out and vote.

    I think the LGBT community is going to experience some ugly attitudes pushed upon the public by the fundamentalists but thank heavens for the progress that has been already established by many years of struggles and by the many friends we have in many places.

  • gwwhouston

    That’s right people: they’re powerful and unified and motivated and well-funded and organized and oh yeah, did I say UNIFIED! \gary\

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