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Twitter is loving this pair of same-sex Australian penguins raising their own egg


It seems like penguins are vying to become the mascot for gay parents everywhere.

Last month we saw a same-sex penguin couple trying to raise another couple’s neglected chick, and now a same-sex penguin couple at Sydney’s Sea Life Aquarium have been given a real egg to raise as their own, sending Twitter aflutter with love for the soon-to-be dads.

The queer Gentoo penguins, named Sphen and Magic, started spending time together during last breeding season, often walking and swimming together. When zookeepers noticed the couple building a nest out of pebbles, they gave them a fake egg to care for.

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Gentoo penguins typically spend their time sitting on their eggs while their partners patrol the area to keep thieves and chick-nappers away.

After witnessing Sphen and Magic’s good parenting skills, zookeepers decided to give them another couple’s second egg. Now Sphen and Magic are raising it as their own.

Twitter users are in love with the new penguin couple:

Others are mocking the idea of social conservatives getting angry over the gay penguin couple.

Granted, Sphen and Magic aren’t the first same-sex penguin couple, not by a long shot.

There’s also Inca and Rayas, two male Gentoo penguins who raised a chick at Madrid’s Faunia Park; Z and Vielpunkt, the same-sex penguin couple who became fathers at a German zoo; and, of course, Roy and Silo, the New York City penguin couple whose chick-reading inspired the children’s book And Tango Makes Three (a book that absolutely freaks out conservatives.)

We hope Sphen and Magic show the world just how great same-sex parents can be.

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