Commercial appeal

Uber commercial has a gay surprise twist

Ridesharing service Uber is not without its highly public issues, but a new ad campaign seeks to cut through the noise to get to the creamy human element of the ubiquitous app.

The series aims to tell the stories of actual Uber users, and uses the real-life tweets of passenger AJ Tabangay for one installment with a surprise twist.

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Watch below as AJ is shown Pooling up with his crush:

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  • NateOcean

    My college boyfriend was Filipino.
    I’m pretty sure the next scene in this commerical involves malaki buto.

    • WillParkinson

      I had to look that up. I laughed. :)

  • WillParkinson

    I would have gone for the Uber driver, but that’s just me.

  • tony-e

    OK, that one was cute lol :) Kinda looked like the setup for a porno though lol

  • Kieran

    Commercials like this in Catholic Phillipines, but not the USA.

    • dustashed

      Isn’t that interesting?

      We’ve had a Ton of mainstream gay commercials since 1990s and people were not up in arms about it considering 90-95% of the population is Christian and probably 80% of that is Catholic

  • ChrisK

    Ah that’s just darling. Cheap ass people too cheap to pay for a normal cheap ride.

  • ethan_hines

    Can someone please translate the txts as well thanks!

    • WillParkinson

      They are translated. Just hard to read.

  • CRGonzalez

    I dropped Uber as part of #DeleteUber. I know Kalanick stepped away from the Trump Advisory Council and they have been playing catch up with wooing back riders, but I am not buying this or their efforts to woo gay folks. By agreeing to be on the council in the first place Kalanick, who is a savvy and smart man, knew what he was signing up for. It’s a cute commercial but Uber remains off my phone. I’m lucky to live in a city where we have options like Juno and Gett which give a higher percentage to the drivers than Uber anyway. So for those who kept the apt in support of the many drivers of color here in NYC, those same drivers sign up with all the apps. We still have a choice. #DeleteUber

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