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Was Chris Matthews’ “I Forgot Obama Was Black” Comment Racist? Or Just Race-ish?

Chris Matthews is a white Irish man who last night reminded everyone that President Obama is black, by noting on MSNBC last night, after watching the State of the Union, that “I forgot he was black tonight for an hour.” This was a poor way to address a subject that does need addressing: race in America.

It was neither the time nor the place, however. And the comments have Matthews facing critics. As he should. It also had Matthews popping up later in the hour to “explain” what he really meant with those comments (below).

We don’t mind Matthews, or anyone, discussing the color of the president’s skin, and noting that most political power brokers in Washington are white. That’s the reality, and given racism is alive and well, it’s worth discussing. But the comment was plainly idiotic, and neither Keith Olbermann nor Rachel Maddow, who were on the program at that time, interjected. Which was their own fail.