PHOTOS: ESPN’s Body Issue Flexes Its Muscle With Hot Naked Sports Stars

We’ve been shivering with anticipation for ESPN magazine’s 2012 Body Issue, which officially drops on Friday. But these just-released photos do not disappoint. Hooray for the athletic physique—and three cheers for athletes, like Rob Gonkowski (above), who are sporting enough to share theirs with the world!

Click through for images from ESPN magazine’s 2012 Body Issue

Want more buff athletes in the buff? Check out Queerty’s highlights of  last year’s Body Issue.



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  • luther

    Pretty tame stuff. Why even bother?

  • brad

    Because some of us like softcore photography. Not all of us are so imagination-free that we need hardcore porn to appreciate erotica.

  • Jeffery Allen

    Where are the money shots?

  • Chuck

    Tim Morehouse, you are my future husband.

  • michael

    Great, now if you’ll excuse me for a moment…

  • Robert from Brooklyn

    Great shots. Thx.

    For the next time, I nominate Yankee Captain, Super Hero Derek Jeter.

  • Xtopher

    Boring if there’s no full frontal.

  • luther

    I wanna see some jock ass, not just some contorted side views.

  • Dick

    Who is #4?

  • Dirty Ole Man

    @luther: Exactly! Tyson has something to show me and I can’t see it from here!

  • The Real Mike in Asheville

    @Robert from Brooklyn: +100.

    Also, I’d nominate Novak Djokovic, Rafa Nadal, Jo-Willy Tsonga, and so many more.

  • Halston

    @luther: @Jeffery Allen: @Xtopher: I know right!? They all should have been hard and jerking off and playing with dildos. I mean really what is the point of a picture of a man being naked unless there is a sexual act going on and if I can’t at least see him spread eagle and see his anus?

  • EJC

    Be still my beating heart !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • daftpunkydavid

    thank you halston! my thoughts exactly lol

  • Oh well

    The poses are forced, unnatural, and awkward. Bad, bad photographer!

  • Andy

    For those who are unacquainted, the Body Issue of ESPN magazine is not meant to be porn. While it is obviously a gimmick meant to compete with Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit issue, it’s intention is to portray very athletic examples of the human form (both male and female) in an artistic way that also incorporates their sport. Athletes almost always are covered by uniforms and equipment when they play so this is a way of showing what their bodies are doing under the pads.

    And for the record, Ron Gronkowski can have his way with me any day.

  • angelwise

    @Andy: zzzzzz okay, now can we see the hot naked athletes getting it on?

  • Joseph

    @Dick: #4 is Carlos Bocanegra, U.S. soccer player.

  • Joseph

    @Chuck: I’ll fight you for Tim Morehouse. First, there’s that sweet ass, which I’d love to explore in full. Then there’s the fact that he taught history for several years…so, after I’ve exhausted myself through exploring his tush, which would clearly take several days, we could discuss the Elightenment, the American and French Revolutions, the rise of Napoleon…. Sigh. He’s my dream man.

  • Sansacro

    @Halston: LOL!

  • Gay Bacon

    Ughhh #4 is HOT and his ass reminds me of my exbf. Time to make a phone call! Make up sex is the best 8)

  • Chuck

    @Joseph: We have the same taste. ;)

  • Spike

    Is the guy on the cover a fister or fistee? The expression on his face leads me to think, both.

  • Belize

    @Oh well: That’s what my 83 year old neighbor said. :) You two must be Mahjong buddies.

  • Belize

    @Dick: Carlos Bocanegra of the Rangers. :)

  • AS

    The Stade Calendars are much better.

  • Tracy Johnson

    These are gorgeous, Queery, but I’ve come to expect more equality from this site(not it’s commentors). But your usually pretty good at giving equal time to the ladies. At least the openly gay one’s. Abby Waunbachs photo is absolutely buetiful; I look forward to seeing it reprinted on this site soon!

  • xamthor

    no love for the lesbians? tsk.

  • James

    I think these photos are well composed and beautiful. The same cannot be said for many of the crasser posts here…

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