WATCH: Gay couple get engaged at major league soccer match in Los Angeles

Gay couple Max and Taylor get engaged at LAFC soccer match
Max and Taylor get engaged at LAFC soccer match

A video of a couple getting engaged at a soccer match in Los Angeles has been shared online.

The proposal took place last Sunday at Banc Of California Stadium in Los Angeles California.

Los Angeles Football Club (LAFC) were playing the New York Redbulls, and for a couple of LAFC fans, the day proved to be extra special (besides their team’s 2-0 win).

Major League Soccer, the league that both teams play in, shared the moment to millions of followers on social media.

In the clip, you can see Taylor get down on one knee and propose to his boyfriend, Max, who says ‘yes’.

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Taylor and Max are both trans men. They told Queerty they have been together for a year.

“We met right before both of us had top surgery and he’s been my rock since day one,” says Taylor.

Trans man Taylor proposes to boyfriend Max
Taylor gets down on his knee (Photo: Supplied)

It was Taylor who introduced Max to LAFC.

“I have been an avid fan for as long as I can remember,” he says. “LAFC is a rather new team so I’ve been here with them from day one. Max had never been to a professional game before last year so I might have gotten a say in who he supports in the beginning, but now he’s one of the most active fans and members out there!”

LAFC is keen to welcome everyone as fans. It recently welcomed the team’s LGBTQ supporters club to watch a training session and last Sunday was the team’s Pride Match.

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Taylor admits that Max had some idea a proposal may have been in the works.

“If it had been a total surprise I would have absolutely gotten a no right there on the field,” says Taylor. “Plus having his parents at a game would have been a red flag so he did have some idea that it was going to happen. He just didn’t know the extent of what everyone who works for LAFC had planned and where it would exactly be happening. I had previously mentioned a different plan, still taking place at the game, so I tried to throw him off a bit. I had amazing people helping me with everything, thankfully!”

Congratulations, guys!

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