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Cue the Twitter tantrum: Anderson Cooper’s latest takedown of Trump is absolutely ruthless

Anderson Cooper did not hold back as he ripped into Donald Trump for the remarks he made Tuesday night in Phoenix.

On last night’s episode of Anderson Cooper 360°, the CNN host openly mocked Trump for using the event to try and “rewrite history” regarding his botched response to the deadly violence in Charlottesville earlier this month.

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Cooper called Trump “sad” and accused him of spewing “outright lies” throughout the 77-minute hate speech.

“Donald Trump: the world’s biggest victim, trapped inside the body of the world’s most powerful man,” Cooper said before going on to criticize him for always making everything about only one thing and one thing only: himself.

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 “Last night, first and foremost, wasn’t about the people in that auditorium as the president claimed it was,” Cooper said. “Maybe that was the biggest lie of all. Last night, what we saw, was all about him.”

Cooper ended by openly questioning what people might be saying if Trump had actually taken the time in his speech to honor Heather Heyer or John McCain rather than creating more division and hate.

Watch the epic takedown below.

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  • Chris

    The sad thing is that Cooper’s going to have find stronger language down the road because Trump is going to continue doing what’s he’s been doing so far — make it all about him.

  • Jaxton

    So what exactly is the history of Anderson Cooper’s family tree in relation to the treatment of blacks? I’m curious to know.

    • Liam

      What’s your’s, Jaxton? And what does his ancestry’s treatment of Blacks say about Anderson’s? I’ll tellyou: nothing. My grandmother was a daughter of the KKK, but I’ve been fighting for equal rights for 45 years. Wanna imply that I’m a racist?

    • mhoffman953


      If ancestry and the past does not matter, why does BLM bring up slavery all the time and many have demanded reparations from the descendants of slave owners for it?

    • Craig

      @mhoffman It isn’t the WHO, it’s the WHAT. Who Liam’s ancestors were doesn’t matter, he can choose to do better than them. What happened to black people, does matter. It still has an impact on the country today and if you can’t see how, open your eyes. Examples are everywhere.

    • mhoffman953


      “Who Liam’s ancestors were doesn’t matter, he can choose to do better than them”

      That’s not the argument which BLM leaders are arguing. I’m merely telling you that they are arguing that it does matter.

      And in the country today, black people are awarded the same opportunities as white people. In some cases they even get more opportunities than white people in regards to Affirmative Action, scholarships, and grants. If you’re hinting about some other impact such as people who are killed by police, more white people are killed by police every year than black people.

      If you can point out a law that specifically and measurably discriminates against black Americans then let’s hear it. All Americans are granted equal opportunity in this country.

    • mhoffman953


      Um…I’m talking about in the year 2017, not from the Jim Crow days or from the 1600 when some black people lost some land.

      It’s funny that liberals want to cling to the past and constantly bring up Jim Crow, segregation, and how blacks were mistreated by the law in the past as if it still happens today but when you mention that the KKK was formed by the Democrats, they’ll go up in arms and cite how you can’t cite the past and how everything has changed since then.

    • OrchidIslander

      mhoffman, you hardly seem objective enough to reiterate or decipher what black people and BLM say or do. I’m black and I’m fairly certain that I am related to – and know way more – black people than you do and not a one of them has seriously considered reparations from the slave-holding past. I respect BLM for targeting injustices and for keeping the conversations going. I’m not a fan, however, of their refusal to listen to other points of view. Drowning out others than disagree with you means that you truly aren’t interested in a consensus. You, however, don’t want to talk about 1600 “when some black people lost some land” or “Jim Crow days,” as if all that history has nothing to do with modern day. You bash liberals for cling too much to the past, but you are the other extreme in that you negate the past and refuse to see how it affects the present – because it does not support your narrative.

    • mhoffman953


      But BLM has demanded those things. To deny it is to look the other way. Here is a list of 10 things which a BLM has demanded:


      Here are some of the highlights from the 10 point list of a BLM leader’s demands

      “White people, if you can afford to downsize, give up the home you own to a black or brown family”

      “If you are a developer or realty owner of multi-family housing, build a sustainable complex in a black or brown blighted neighborhood and let black and brown people live in it for free”

      Then the funniest line of what you wrote was actually a contradiction

      You said, “I respect BLM for targeting injustices and for keeping the conversations going”
      BUT in the next sentence you say, “Drowning out others than disagree with you means that you truly aren’t interested in a consensus”

      BLM does the very thing you disagree with, they drown out others so there is no discussion. It’s there way or nothing. BLM isn’t targeting injustice, the core root of their message is anti-cop and anti-white. You’ll hear it when you see video of their rallies where they call for dead cops and demand that white people give up their property for free to black people just because. Wake up

  • Liam

    I wish there’d been bullhorns announcing “Liar!” with each one he told.

  • OzJosh

    Has anyone checked Nostradamus to see if there was anything about the Antichrist being orange?

    • PinkoOfTheGange

      in a color photo negative doesn’t blue sky show as orange?

    • OrchidIslander

      @OzJosh, ROFLMAO! Good one….

  • KaiserVonScheiss

    Just more leftist kuhscheiße and lies. The president never equated neo-Nazis with non-violent protesters. He was talking about the violent Alt-Left thugs known as Antifa, whom the state of New Jersey have already listed as a terrorist organisation.


    Here is a piece from CNN originally titled “Unmasking the leftist Antifa movement: Activists seek peace through violence.” PEACE THROUGH VIOLENCE. http://archive.is/iWY7n

    And it’s hilarious Cooper brought in James Clapper, a man who committed perjury by lying to congress about NSA spying. Even the leftists at The Young Turks admit that.


    • Bob LaBlah

      Mon Kaiser, please answer this question. With a GOP controlled House and Senate what has Trump accomplished so far? And please include his accomplishments on the international scene. Oh, and by the way are you aware the president of China is now the most respected leader in the world. Your response please. I left a window open for you that I’m sure you will capitalize on. Go ahead, Mon Kaiser. Give it your best fire breathing shot.

    • mhoffman953


      I was commenting on the other guy above but when I seen this line, LOL:

      “Oh, and by the way are you aware the president of China is now the most respected leader in the world”

      What?!? Says who? LOL

    • PinkoOfTheGange

      that link to the Jersey doesn’t say anything about classifying any thing.

      Honestly this is just #sad.

      Antifa claims not to support the progressives agenda and both only cross at the despite of the alt-right, but not on how to deal with the faux national socialists.

      So once again the reactionary mind has a hard time with the abstract thought that two groups can have similar goals, but total disagree on the best method on obtaining them, and neither endorsing the other’s actions.

    • KaiserVonScheiss

      @Bob LaBlah

      How is anything you mentioned relevant? It’s a total non-sequitur and isn’t apropos to anything I mentioned.

      Perhaps you are not aware of this, but the American system of government was designed to have gridlock, making it hard to get anything done. Unlike other systems, the head of government doesn’t have the power to compel people to vote a certain way.

      The President of China? Really, according to whom? You expect me to believe that the head of the so-called “People’s Republic” of China, an authoritarian government, is the most respected leader in the world?

      Yes, I’m sure India, Japan, Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam, and Malaysia just love the guy.



      If you check the link again, you will see that it says “counterterrorism, domestic” near the top of the page. It’s right next to the date.

    • GayEGO

      You must be a brainwashed Trumpster who does not listen to the words Trump speaks to determine what he means. Trump said there are fine people on both sides. Really? The reason people join the neo Nazis, KKK, and White Supremacists/Nationalists is their values are for bigotry and hatred. True, violence is unacceptable but bigotry and hatred is not to be tolerated. Trump gave these organizations an olive branch whether or not he knows it. That is the problem with Trump, he does not care about what he says, he likes to be a Tweety Bird tweeter and he is running his new TV show – The Trumpident.

  • rand503

    Donald Trump, you’re so vain. You probably think this speech is about you, don’t you?

  • Nahald

    There’s nothing ruthless about presenting facts about Trump and his deplorable adiministration.

  • Brody

    How I long for the days when Anderson Cooper was a respectable journalist, before he became an arrogant, over-opinionated blowhard who believes he’s been empowered to bring down a sitting U.S. president.

    • BigWill

      Happy Friday, Mo.

    • mhoffman953


      Journalism is dead. You no longer have journalists who simply report what happened and give you facts. Now you have “activist journalists” who feel they have to let their personal opinion come through in their reporting. They rather tell you what to think instead of letting you make your own choices regarding the information.

    • JamJewel

      You are all a bunch of hypocrites because the talking head-news announcer as opinionated blowhard was born @FAUX.

  • DCguy

    Notice how many of Mo Bros screenames are on here “Jax, Brody, Kaiser” to attack Cooper and defend Trump, who defended the KKK and NEo-Naziz. Some comments of theirs were nearly a day ago.

    But also notice that there has been a posting about one of the leaders of the NEo-NAzis who was arrested that has been up nearly 24 hours and yet not ONE of those screenames is over there making ANY negative comments about him.

    So we get it, you and all of your screenames are anti-lgbt bigots here to attack anything pro-lgbt and defend any Republican bigots. But now we also know that while you’ll send all of your screenames in here to attack Anderson Cooper, you didn’t even have one over there saying anything bad about a Neo Nazi who was advocating violence.

    So lets see, you and Trump both won’t attack Nazis, the KKK, and Putin, and you hate lgbts. Ok, we got it. Thanks for exposing yourselves so completely.

    • BigWill

      Is Mo/Brody/et al also Media Guy (or SomethingMedia)? The writing style is exactly the same.

    • DCguy


    • Brody

      BigWill –

      Yes, it’s true, you’ve such a keen intellect that you found me out:
      There exists only one gay man who doesn’t adhere to the strict dogma of liberal propaganda, and I post under countless screen names for no reason other than to carry on public conversations with myself.
      Now go impress all your friends with this amazing discovery you’ve made.
      (and if you can’t hear my eyeballs rolling, then you’re not listening)

    • GayEGO

      This multi-name i.e. Mo/Brody/JAX/Kaiser Sieg Heil Trumpster is boring and spews fake news hoopla like Trump does.

    • BigWill

      @Mo/Brody/Moldy Grody/Kaiser Roll/Maude Jackson/et al: Quit yer lyin’.

  • GayEGO

    I have much respect for Anderson Cooper, for the 45th I have none.

  • Kieran

    Wow, now even CNN is turning against Trump. Surely, this must be the end.. He’ll resign now and hand over the White House to our devoted friend and ally, Mike Pence.

  • dustychiffon

    Where the hell is Jerry Springer??

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