Zac Efron Professes Love For Italian Daddy: What The Hell Is Actually Going On Here?

zacballaBeautiful genetically designed straight male Zac Efron is still on his seemingly never-ending Italian vacation, during which he has captivated and baffled the globe by making out with noted alcoholic bisexual actress Michelle Rodriguez and befriending a sexually fluid Italian playboy daddy-type who mounted him from behind last Tuesday.

Let’s forget the alleged “staged” relationship with a binge-drinker like Michelle Rodriguez for a moment (helllloo girl, do you not understand that Zac is a recovering addict?) and focus our attention back on this Italian daddy.

Gianluca Vacchi is, according to Bloomberg, the 47-year-old President of SEA Societa Europea Autocaravan SpA, a European company that “designs, manufactures, markets and sells motor homes in Europe.” He currently serves on the Board of Directors at Fin Vacchi Finanziaria Vacchi S.p.A., another Italian company that manufactures machines that package pharmaceutical products.

In 2011, Vacchi was briefly engaged to Melissa Satta, an Italian-American television presenter with a history of jumping from man-to-man on a whim. Shortly after their breakup, it was reported that Vacchi was having sex with Michelle Rodriguez during an Italian vacation remarkably similar to the one happening with Zac Efron right now — a whole month of pictures on boats, beaches, and flirty makeout sessions littered the Internet at the time.

Vacchi’s history on Instagram suggests he enjoys the company of young, beautiful women. Apparently now Zac Efron, too.

This morning, Zac Efron professed his love for Vacchi on Instagram (in a total bro-type way, but still). The caption reads: “To my friend @gianlucavacchi- the real life ‘most interesting man in the world’, never above you, never below- always by your side. Luv and respect.”

What the hell is going on over there in Italy? Is Gianluca Vacchi still having sex with Michelle Rodriguez? Is Zac Efron having sex with Gianluca Vacchi? Is anyone even having sex? Are they starting a new Italian feel-good sexual liberation cult?

Will Zac Efron ever return to the United States? Is he bisexual? Why did we ever stop calling him Zaquisha?

So many questions and not nearly enough coverage of this issue in the mainstream. We demand answers!

In the meantime, here is Zac Efron riding a horse in Italy:

And one for the Michelle Rodriguez fans in the house:

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  • tricky ricky

    isn’t she almost old enough to be his mother?

  • KM201

    Those horse riding photos remind of Putin’s. I wonder why…..

  • Cam

    She, Michelle Rodriguez, always with women, THEN haltingly comes out as Bi and IMMEDIATELY scurries off to date a guy.


  • friscoguy

    47??? I am thinking 57.

  • NG22

    I’m imagining free-for-all orgies every night… No???

    @friscoguy: He does look a lot older than 47. But he’s sexy in a tux.

  • SteveDenver

    @NG22: He’s sexy in a white Speedo. Follow the link at the end of the first paragraph: “mounted him from behind last Tuesday.”

  • NG22

    @SteveDenver: Yes, absolutely he’s sexy. Zac could do worse. JK! I think.

  • yaph

    damn I want to have a sexually adventurous italian vacation with Zac Efron and Michelle Rodriguez. I guess I have to wait till I’m a rich old perv

  • barkomatic

    Now that is a man on a horse–unlike the saggy Putin porn we’ve all had to put up with. However, Zac still isn’t gay no matter how much we all desperately want him to be.

  • DuMaurier

    I vote for nobody “having any sex”. But they all seem to be having fun, and fun with us as well.

  • enlightenone

    @barkomatic: You don’t know what he is! And “we” only want him to be what he is. I think it will help with his recovery!

  • Lefty

    That’s definitely not a homosexual on a horse.
    It’s a disgusting lie!
    Zac should sue the horse for making him look like a total gay, for sure…

  • gesslar

    Why do we keep calling this man his Italian Daddy? Why can’t we just let these people be on vacation leave them alone? Sometimes I worry that all this creeper projection is actually harmful to us.

  • cformusic

    @gesslar: yet you still not only clicked on the article..but also felt compelled to comment

  • seeker2014

    “What the hell is going on here”? Its actually nobody’s business who he is having sex with . We want people OUT of our bedrooms so why don’t we stay the hell out of other people’s? So he has found a nice friendship with an older man. What you people don’t think Gianluca Vacchi would have anything to offer Zac besides a sex orgy? Come on guys get your head out of your ass. LMAO!

  • Cee

    Who cares? He likes the old dude and the old dude likes him. I know guys that like daddy types. Some do it to be taken care of financially, but Zac doesn’t need money….so it’s probably genuine. The old guy is probably providing some sort of companionship, mentorship, and probably a a lil dick and/or ass on the side. Nothing wrong with that.

  • Clark35

    ZAC is gay, the Italian guy is bisexual or not afraid to show affection to another man while such behaviour in North America would be labeled as “bisexual” or “gay”, and Michelle is lesbian and only pretends to be Bisexual.

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