Zac Efron Officially Goes Bi, Plus Eight Other Modern Celebrity Couples

Screen shot 2014-07-08 at 12.26.41 PMDid you hear that? It was the sound of millions of hearts breaking after Zac Efron, otherwise known as the “sexiest mofo alive”, and Michele Rodriguez were photographed being very cuddly with one another while on holiday in Sardinia. (Apprently that whole “Italian Daddy” thing Zac had with Gianluca Vacchi was just a phase.) Now, the world waits with bated breath for Efron and Rodriguez’s publicists to release a statement. Meanwhile, Zac’s former love interest, Vanessa Hudgens, was snapped by paparazzi looking crestfallen in West Hollywood. Poor thing.

Rumors about 35-year-old Rodriguez’s sexual orientation have swirled for years. She first admitted to experimenting with both sexes during a 2006 interview with Cosmo, and has since been very open about being bisexual. At 26, Efron is in his sexual prime. We can only imagine the amount of testosterone raging through his veins at any given moment. All those factors combined likely mean lots and lots of hanky panky between the couple, and maybe even some kinky threesomes.

Of course, Zac and Michelle aren’t the first celebrity pairing where one of the parties is bisexual. Scroll down for eight more high profile “modern” couples from over the years.


Laurence Olivier and Vivien Leigh

English actor Laurence Olivier married Oscar-winning actress Vivien Leigh in 1940. Not only was Olivier reportedly bisexual in real life, but he also played one in a deleted scene from the original version of the 1960 epic Spartacus. The scene was added back into the film in 1991, finally giving the public an opportunity to hear “Some people like oysters. Some people like snails. I like oysters & snails,” which is about as blatant a euphemism for bisexuality as any ever uttered.


Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

Angelina Jolie has never been shy about her love of both men and women. In 1997, she told Girlfriends magazine, “I would probably have married Jenny Shimizu if I hadn’t married my husband. I fell in love with her the first second I saw her.” She again addressed her sexuality in 2003 when Barbara Walters asked if she was bisexual and Jolie answered, “Of course.”

Screen shot 2014-07-08 at 11.32.53 AM

Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer

Anna Paquin said she batted for both teams in a 2010 PSA for Cyndi Lauper’s True Colors Fund. That same year, she married her True Blood co-star Stephen Moyer.

James Dean and Ursula Andress

James Dean’s sexuality has been a hotly contested topic over the years, with some claiming the actor was gay, others saying he was bisexual, and a few suggesting he was gay “for trade,” as a means of advancing his career. We’ll probably never know for certain. What we do know is that Dean dated Swiss actress Ursula Andress from 1953-1955, and that he was also romantically linked to Italian actress Pier Angelia and Rogers Brackett, a very well-connected ad exec.


Fergie and Josh Duhamel

Fergie officially came out as bisexual in May 2009 interview with The Sun. She later reconfirmed this during an interview with The Advocate. The pop star met actor Josh Duhamel in 2004. They were married in 2009.


Frieda Kahlo and Diego Rivera

Mexican painter Frieda Kahlo was openly bisexual at a time when speaking about sexuality was considered taboo. She married painter Diego Rivera in 1929, who is said to have “tolerated” her affairs with women, which included a relationship with Josephine Baker.


Johnny Depp and Amber Heard

In 2010, actress Amber Heard came out at a GLAAD event, saying she has had successful relationships with both men and women. In 2012, she and Johnny Depp started dating. The couple announced their engagement in December 2013.


Billie Joe Armstrong and Adrienne Nesser

Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong married Adrienne Nesser in 1994. A year later, he acknowledged swinging both ways in an interview with the Advocate. Earlier this year, he told Rolling Stone that many songs his album Dookie was largely about being bisexual and his struggles with finding his identity.

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  • ratedrrockstar

    Umm, how is this about Zac Efron being bisexual? I had no idea that a man sleeping with a chick, and ONLY chicks, was cause for people to be labeled bisexual. Bullshit “story”.

  • NG22

    Queerty, you guys need to stahp with that headline. My heart stopped for a second when I read it, until I remembered he’s with that butch bitch now. (Bitter? Me????) The headline makes sense. He goes (for a) bi (partner). But to call it misleading is an understatement.

    I just hope the whole Italian escapade has been a group thang and he and Gianluca are fucking as often as Michele beelines for the nearest twat.

  • Black Pegasus

    **throws a chair and leaves article**

    ….some bullsh!t

  • Xzamilloh

    Misleading ass title… really tacky, Queerty

  • jasentylar

    I didn’t know Billie Joe Armstrong was bi. Makes him hotter somehow.

  • seaguy

    How has he gone bi? He is not with and has not been with another guy that makes him straight. Just because he is with a bi woman does not make him bi. I find the title of this story to be false and I hope Effron sues.

  • Pistolo

    Elizabeth Taylor who knew James Dean and was a confidante of his said he was gay when she accepted a GLAAD award.

  • Dxley

    Not funny, Queerty. Not funny!!!

  • Lefty

    The Efron/Rodriguez photos are so blatantly staged that even a majority of the people commenting on that Daily Mail source page realise it. I guess the publicists got a little worried when all the photos/videos coming out in the last week have been of Zac and the old fellow clearly being quite intimate, so they arranged this; but it’s depressing that they think this still fools people (as it clearly doesn’t).
    What’s quite funny is Vacchi’s instagram page. One photo on there is dedicated to “fake profiles”, but if you look through his album it’s full of staged nonsense selling a particular straight narcissistic lifestyle, complete with stunning beard, flash cars and clothes and lots of terribly butch muscles on display.
    You just wish they could be a bit more imaginative with all the phoniness, but it’s just so tired and cynical…

  • Lefty

    @Pistolo: James Dean was definitely gay; I think most serious scholars of your Hollywood history agree now. His relationships with women seem to have been mostly emotional rather than physical. Marlon Brando would have been more appropriate for this list. His dalliances with men are well publicised and he even admitted them in print (though the Wally Cox blow-job photo is clearly a fake).

  • Roan

    Simple explanation. He’s been publicly hanging off of Italian Daddy for days now so Efron’s agent/publicist frantically called and ordered a beard, stat. Can’t have middle ‘murica thinking pretty boy is a ‘mo!

  • Mikah

    I highly doubt that Zac Efron isn’t bisexual himself.

  • barkomatic

    So Zac Efron gets a photo taken with a gay man and suddenly that makes him bisexual. Ridiculous. The guy is straight and frankly claiming known straight guys as bisexual or gay without proof doesn’t do our community any good.

  • drivendervish

    The headline “Zac Efron officially goes bi” is very misleading. He has never said he is anything but straight. While I am sure that he is on vacation to serve the needs of Gianlucca, I am also sure that kissing on Michelle (an avowed rug muncher) is designed to convince the media he is straight so as to counteract the suspicions being raised because of being seen with Gianlucca. For Zac, Michelle is the perfect beard and it sure won’t hurt her career to hang out with Efron for a while.

  • Bjk

    Zac Efron should sue for libel. That headline is a complete lie.

  • Urbanight

    That’s some disgusting clickbait there, Queerty. Thought you were above that.

  • hotboyvb81

    could be the ole Hollywood double beard :)

  • Lefty

    I agree with all the unpaid interns from Zac’s publicist’s office posting above.
    How dare anyone suggest that Zac Efron may be gay!
    Is there anything more insulting???
    I hope Zac sues anyone who dares to even insinuate that he might be a member of the deviant homosexual community!!!

  • barkomatic

    @Lefty: It’s not insulting to be called gay — but I consider it a form of homophobia to call someone gay automatically solely based on the fact that they have a gay friend and happened to be photographed with him.

    So, if everyone who criticized the article is a unpaid intern for Efron’s publicist office I guess that makes you an unpaid intern for Queerty–which is far worse.

  • Lefty

    @barkomatic: You think people are calling Zac Efron gay *solely* because of one gay friend??? Please.
    Even straight people posting on Daily Mail can see it’s staged.
    So, yes, only unpaid interns for Zac’s publicist would have the gumption to post (in response to a suggestion that Zac is gay) things like “it’s a disgusting lie!” and “Zac should sue!”
    His publicists should join the 21st century and let the interns go back to fetching the coffee. That’s what they’re unpaid-for.

  • Niall

    Nice try with the false click baiting headline Queerty

  • ngilchr

    I will no longer read Queerty because of the click baiting. I registered just to say that this is the straw that broke the camel’s back.

  • GeriHew

    @Pistolo: So what? Liz Taylor came from a generation where most people rarely bothered to differentiate between gay and bisexual, and GLAAD has a history of engendering bisexual invisibility anyway. I mean there’s no B in GLAAD is there?

    Everybody was saying Amber Heard was a lesbian when she came out at GLAAD and now a few years later she’s getting hitched to Johnny Depp and talking about having his babies.

    I’d be more interested to know what Ursula Andress had to say about James Dean’s sexuality, I mean she’s the one that’s supposed to have dated him, not Liz Taylor. Has anyone asked Andress? She’s still alive isn’t she?

    Dennis Hopper had this to say about Dean’s love life:
    Q: I read that the death of James Dean affected you greatly. Did you know him well?,

    A: He only made three movies, and I was in the last two with him, Rebel Without a Cause and Giant. So we were together five days a week during those times. I was 18, he was 24. He was going out with Ursula Andress and Pier Angeli and he was madly in love with them, so he had his own social life.

    According to this article, which has quotes attributed to her and Dean, it was Pier Angeli who was the great love of Dean’s life. She committed suicide 16 years after his death.

  • Lefty

    @GeriHew: I’d be more interested to know what Ursula Andress had to say about James Dean’s sexuality, I mean she’s the one that’s supposed to have dated him, not Liz Taylor. Has anyone asked Andress? She’s still alive isn’t she?

    She was asked in an interview in Harper’s Bazaar back in the 1960s about their love-life and she said “James was a big ol’ gay who preferred dick. Keep it to yourselves what with it being illegal and all!”

    I’ve known untold gay men who were “madly in love” with girls and women, they never wanted to sleep with them though, that’s the difference. Dean’s relationships with women were all emotional affairs. The kind of melodramatic “I can’t live without you!” love that gay dudes usually have with women (instead of the “Let’s have sex right now” sort of ‘love’ that straight dudes have for women).

    • GeriHew

      @Lefty: Stereotyper

  • Lefty

    @GeriHew: Stereotypes become so because those types are extremely common. A stereotype is nothing to be ashamed of nor do we need to be in denial about how true they are, whether we like them or not.

  • Lefty

    @GeriHew: Stereotypes become so because those types are extremely common. There’s no need to be in denial about how true they are.

  • Lefty

    How odd that recognising a common truth is seen as “stereotyping” and therefore a negative.

    • GeriHew

      @Lefty: There’s no need to get so defensive. I’m just the stereotypical bisexual who thinks people like you are superficial and full of sh*t. We each have our own cross to bear.

  • Lefty

    @GeriHew: I’m just the stereotypical bisexual who thinks people like you are superficial and full of sh*t.

    That’s not a stereotype. The hysterical bisexual who thinks everyone’s denying their existence by pointing out the obvious, on the other hand…


  • Lefty

    PS – there’s nothing superficial about sexual desire. It’s why we are what we are, after all. There are an awful lot of gay men – particularly early on in life – who fall deeply, madly but only emotionally in love with people of the opposite gender. We’re all capable of that, it doesn’t make them or ‘us’ biSEXUAL. In fact, that particular kind of melodramatic and unrealistic emotional adoration is something a majority of gay men go through before settling down, as it were, into what they really are. True bisexuality, as you know, is different. There isn’t that absence of physical desire, hence “bi-sexuality“. Comparing the way the gay James Dean acted around and towards women with the way the bisexual Marlon Brando did is quite instructive, I think.

    I don’t understand this idea that sexual desire and recognising its importance is somehow superficial. Its an arbitrary distinction.

  • GeriHew

    @Lefty: I really wasn’t considering sexual desire at all when I suggested that you are superficial and full of sh*t. I was mainly referring to your obviously fake and trying so hard to be amusing Ursula Andress quote.

    What is actually obvious is that James Dean was some kind of bisexual. I mean he clearly wasn’t a Kinsey 6 or a Kinsey 0. Maybe he was a “gay bisexual”, or a “straight bisexual” or maybe an actual “bi bisexual”. Or just heteroflexible or just homoflexible as and when it suited his career.

    Whatever, we know he had sex with men and women, and we know that he lived with men and women, and he clearly spent quite a lot of his time romancing women in his final years. So claiming he was definitely really gay and not bisexual just speaks volumes about you lefty and tells us absolutely nothing useful at all about Jimmy Dean.

  • Lefty

    @GeriHew: Sorry for the late reply, I’d completely forgotten about you. Er, not sure where to start with this. It’s kind of quaint when nature is reduced to a set of numbers like that and a whole new lexicon has to be invented just to avoid stating the obvious (ie James Dean was as a gay as a lorry).
    The fact you seem to feel that me claiming Dean is gay “speaks volumes” about me but you claiming he was bisexual (when all evidence says he wasn’t) doesn’t say anything about you is quite telling.

    Superficial and full of sh*t for having a laugh?
    You should try it some time.


    • GeriHew

      @Lefty: “was as gay as a lorry”


      Now that actually is priceless!

      Gay as a lorry indeed.

      Keep on truckin’ Lefty. Your own little world is obviously your oyster – or possibly your snail.

  • Lefty

    Maybe he was a “gay bisexual”, or a “straight bisexual”…

    That’s priceless.

  • RyanTee82

    I’m waiting for another source to confirm this. This has click-bait bulls**t written all over it.

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