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Allstate Insurance decided to acknowledge the existence of gay parents in a recent ad, so of course the American Family Association completely lost it.

In case you aren’t aware of the AFA (and most people aren’t), they’re a radical right-wing group who have tried (and failed) to launch widespread boycotts against multiple major brands who showed any semblance of inclusivity when it comes to LGBT folks.

According to the AFA:

“The Allstate promotion does not share the reality that this child will grow up without the nurture that only a mother can provide. Nor does Allstate recognize the emotional trauma and questions this child will endure growing up in a home with two men.”

Here’s how this will all turn out:

Allstate will shrug, 99.9 percent of the population won’t care, and the idiots at AFA will continue to scour the internet and airwaves for any sign of the promotion of the “homosexual agenda” i.e. accepting the reality that LGBT people exist and some of us even have families.

We’ve seen this all before, but we admit that we did have a bit of a chuckle when they claimed that one of the dads had his arm “around his male ‘wife’.” That one takes ‘heteronormativity’ to another level.

Check out the “offensive” ad below and give Allstate a few more views just to make sure the AFA knows they’re on the wrong side of history…and sanity.

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