Three-panel image. On the left, Jonathan Bailey speaks on stage wearing a light blue sparkling top. In the middle, a man, whose eyes are out of frame, smiles wearing a black t-shirt reading "I Survived the Solar Eclipse." In the right panel, Lady Gaga holds a finger pistol up to her head as Harley Quinn in a scene from the 'Joker' sequel trailer.
Image Credit: Getty Images/Etsy/Warner Bros.

In ancient history, solar eclipses were considered a spiritually significant moment, symbolizing a “disruption of the natural order” and an opportunity to shed bad energy and focus on renewal.

But after the eclipse on Monday (April 8), it was business as usual in the gay world. (Perhaps the day after Pride Month will be our community’s time for spiritual reckoning.)

The CMT Awards were gay, Joel Kim Booster got in his feels about Maya Rudolph, and Troye Sivan served “One of Your Girls” in a new photoshoot. Plus, Colton Underwood was eliminated from The Masked Singer and Taylor Swift’s favorite gay dancer Giuseppe Giofrè spilled some tea.

In other corners of the internet, we dived into the lore of a shimmering (and pricey) designer top, gagged at Gaga, start stocking up on summer clothes, and actually learned about American history?! More on that later….

Without further ado, here are the 10 things we’re obsessed with this week…

1. I Survived the Solar Eclipse T-Shirt

Two-panel image. On the left, a man smiling and sitting wearing a black shirt that reads: "I Survived the Solar Eclipse / April 2024" in white lettering with an illustration of eclipse glasses. The top half of his face is out of frame and he has sleeves of tattoos on both arms. In the right panel, the same shirt in gray on a wooden hanger amongst a rack of other clothes.
Image Credit: Etsy

Congratulations, if you’re reading this, you survived the solar eclipse! As the moon passed in front of the sun, a path of darkness stretched across the country from Texas to Maine –– and Google searches for “My eyes hurt” skyrocketed as Americans who refused to wear those special lil’ glasses questioned their life choices.

Did the internet, media, and Krispy Kreme get a little too wrapped up in eclipse mania leading up to the celestial wonder? Perhaps. But in an era of intense political turmoil, who are we to judge a bunch of people getting excited about the sky? You can milk the moment for all its worth with these hilarious “I Survived the Solar Eclipse” shirts (in a variety of colors for $26.85 on Etsy). At least until it happens again in 2044.

2. This sparkly blue shirt that the gays are loving

ICYMI: Kit Connor, Joe Locke, and now Jonathan Bailey have all been photographed wearing the same shimmering, light blue shirt. (Or as queer writer Paul McCallion dubbed it: “The Sisterhood of the Traveling $9K Loewe Top.”) It’s a fitting coincidence considering Connor and Locke both star in Heartstopper, and Bailey is rumored to make in appearance in the upcoming season. Someone call Pantone, because I think this should the color of the year.

While our LGBTQ+ faves are, in fact, donning the Loewe’s Embellished Polo Sweater in Cashmere ($8550), you’ve got a few options if designer price is out of budget. Shein is hawking a darker-hued AFTRDRK Men Glitter Polo Shirt for $7.99, ASOS has a translucent take on the trend for $19.49, or you can shamelessly order a bejeweled dance costume for $41.99 from Discount Dance.

3. Joker: Folie à Deux trailer serving camp

I’m not going to lie, I was not jazzed –– pun intended –– to find out Todd Phillips and Joaquin Phoenix were resurrecting Joker for a sequel. That was a musical. With Lady Gaga as Harley Quinn.

But after watching the Joker: Folie à Deux teaser trailer (which arrived on April 9), I’ve done a full 180. From stylized dance numbers, to Gaga smudging her makeup, prison cell kisses, and an already-memed finger-gun moment, it’s giving classic camp –– with a bit of an incel-y twist. Social media gays are affectionately dubbing the flick “Ha Ha Land,” and my Little Monster paws will be up when it hits theaters on October 4.

4. My all-time favorite 5″ inseam shorts

Three-panel image. In each panel, the bottom half of a man wearing tightly fit 5" inseam shorts and posing. In the first panel, a man in white shorts and shoes with his hand in his left pocket. In the middle, the backside of a man in charcoal gray shorts and a black tee. On the right, a man in blue shorts and a blue and white striped shirt with his hand in his left pocket. He wears long white socks and sneakers.
Image Credit: Amazon

As we approach summer temps and bust out our skimpy, seasonal clothes, I’ve got a confession: I got my all-time favorite, most-complimented pair of short-shorts from Amazon. (Thanks, Jeff Bezos!)

These lightweight, 5″ inseam beauts –– available in a variety of sizes and colors from $7.50 – $25 –– will free your knees and fit perfectly. Thicc thighed ambassador Paul Mescal himself would approve. But if you’re feeling a little more modest, their 7″ Amazon Essentials options are equally cute.

5. Paul Mescal and Pedro Pascal going “head to head”

We have yet to see any clips of Ridley Scott’s upcoming Gladiator II, which hits theaters this November. But the biggest news to come from CinemaCon, where the film’s distributors showed a sneak peek, is that our faves Paul Mescal and Pedro Pascal will be going “head to head.” Groundbreaking! But couple that with Mescal’s newly bulked-up arms –– and the idea of both them in skirts –– and we’re sold.

6. Adidas Superstar Shoes

Two-panel image. On the left, a white Adidas Superstar street shoe with three navy stripes on the side and one along the heel. On the right, the same shoe from a bird's eye view.
Image Credit: Adidas

Every gay is only as good as their pair of all-white sneakers. Even though they will inevitably be stamped on at the club every weekend. For that reason, Adidas’ Superstars (available in Cloud White, Core Black, or Supplier Colour for for $100) are my fail-safe, go-to. Their leather exterior provide the perfect protection from any spilled vodka sodas, with enough cushioning inside to keep you comfortable while waiting in the ridiculous coat check line.

As one reviewer dubbed it, they’re “the Swiss Army knife of the sneaker world!”

7. Fab Cult

Fab Cult is a new LGBTQ+ owned art platform, created by Jacob Taylor and Victor Ciardelli IV to showcase “vibrant and distinctive artwork” that reflects queer tastes and experiences. Finding the perfect print is no easy task, but the duo have curated a selection that’s both unabashedly gay and unfathomably chic.

My personal faves are the Disco Chopsticks, Designer Condom, and Leather Heads (all starting at $119). But they’ve got even cheekier options. In honor of their launch, you can score 40% off and free shipping for a limited time.

8. Beating the Coachella FOMO from the couch

No west coast JOANN craft store is safe this week, as millions of girls and gays rummage through the fake-flower shelves in hopes of creating the perfect Coachella floral crown. But even if you aren’t making the trek out to Indio, California this weekend or next, you don’t have to miss out on the art, culture, or overwhelming amount of desert sand in the air.

From the comfort of your couch, witness every moment (without all the sweaty bodies and $16 water bottles) via round-the-clock livestream performances on YouTube. This year’s lineup includes a handful of LGBTQ+ artists and allies, including Lana Del Rey, Chappell Roan, Tyler, the Creator, Ice Spice, Reneé Rapp, Victoria Monét, and No Doubt. Now, if only we could get a peek into those wild afterparties….

9. Getting In: NYC Club Flyers from the Gay 1990s

The book cover for "Getting In: NYC Club Flyers from the Gay 1990s," also reading: "David Kennerley, Foreword by Micheal Musto." The cover features an illustrated and muscular shirtless man in jeans, standing in front of a sunset and city skyline.
Image Credit: Getting in Club Book

Imagine a bustling and unapologetically queer club scene, unchained to technology, social media, and clout, all in an era that pre-dated smart phones, hookup apps, and pricey tickets. OK, so we’ll never get the ’90s New York gay scene back. But we can remember what was lost, thanks to gorgeous new coffee-table styled book Getting In: NYC Club Flyers from the Gay 1990s.

The expansive collection, written by David Kennerly with a foreword by Michael Musto, features 230 flyers from the halcyon period. Paper flyers?! Imagine that! Plus, nightlife legends like Lady Bunny, Mark Allen, Ernie Glam, and Susan Morabito help paint the scene with colorful commentary. Snag your copy of its second-edition run for $49 online.

10. Oh, Mary!

Conrad Ricomora, left, and Cole Escola in 'Oh, Mary!'
Conrad Ricomora, left, and Cole Escola in ‘Oh, Mary!’ Photo by Emilio Madrid.

I knew nothing about the sixteenth president’s wife, Mary Todd Lincoln, before walking into a matinee performance of Oh, Mary. But now I would die for her, or rather Cole Escola’s gender-bending portrayal in the off-the-rockers show, which is currently running at New York’s Lucille Lortel Theatre.

The farcical one-act, which also stars Conrad Ricamora and James Scully, is nonstop laughs at a breakneck pace, rewriting parts of American history to fit queer sensibilities –– and Escola’s love of cabaret. I’ve never stood up faster than I did to give its leads a standing ovation. Unsurprisingly, the rest of its run is nearly sold out, but you can try and snag tickets through May 12.

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