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Ivanka just broke her silence on one of the many Trump White House scandals

Ivanka Trump is finally responding to a damning report that the Farmers to Families Food Box program she helmed when her dad was POTUS was a complete shitshow behind closed doors, and in true Trump fashion, she’s deflecting.

Quick recap: In October, the House Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Crisis revealed that the $1 billion program, which Ivanka unveiled in May 2020, awarded millions and millions of dollars to totally unqualified contractors for the sole purpose of feeding the hungry boosting Donald Trump‘s reelection chances and providing Ivanka with opportunities to post photos of herself giving out boxes of food in church parking lots.

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Among the questionable contracts the Trump administration awarded was $39 million to a company called CRE8AD8 LLC (pronounced “Create a Date”), which specializes in planning weddings not distributing food to starving people, and $40 million to an avocado grower who wrote “I don’t have any” under the references portion of his application.

On Friday, the former first daughter issued a rare statement on the findings, telling The Daily Mail, “It’s unfortunate, yet hardly surprising to see the media work hand in hand with congressional democrats in a desperate and transparent effort to distract from the staggering incompetence of the current administration.”

Ah, yes. The old create-a-distraction-by-accusing-the-other-side-of-trying-to-create-a-distraction defense. Seriously, couldn’t she think of anything more original?

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This is the most we’ve heard from Ivanka in months. Since leaving Washington, D.C. in tears last January, she’s kept a very low profile. She hasn’t given any interviews or made any major appearances, other than showing up to the Louis Vuitton show in Miami earlier this month.

She’s also been virtually radio silent on social media and hasn’t posted anything to Twitter or Instagram since getting her COVID-19 vaccine on May 5, which resulted in a huge uproar from her father’s followers.

Although that could be changing very soon.

Last week, Lindsey Graham let it slip that Ivanka was one of the main conduits between Republican lawmakers and the ex-president during the deadly insurrection on January 6. As a result, people are now calling for her text messages from that day to be released.

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In response to Graham’s remarks, Rick Wilson, co-founder of the Lincoln Project, tweeted, “I want to see what Jared and Ivanka were texting to [Mark] Meadows.”

So far, Wilson’s tweet has received nearly 32,000 likes, 4,000 retweets, and hundreds of comments supporting an investigation into Ivanka’s text records.

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