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Ivanka’s own supporters turn on her for wearing a mask for five minutes during last night’s debate

Ivanka Trump pleased absolutely no one with her backstage tweet during last night’s disastrous presidential debate (if you can even call it that) in Ohio.

The first daughter posted a picture of herself beside stepmother Melania, half sister Tiffany, and sister-in-law Lara, along the caption, “Let’s go!”

Usually, whenever Ivanka tweets anything, she’s met with a wave of criticism from people on the left.

This time, however, the attacks came from her own supporters, who were deeply offended by the fact that she and the other women, who claim to be patriots, were wearing masks.

Trump supporters will be pleased to know that Ivanka and company only briefly wore the masks for the photo. Business Insider reports that they took them off during the actual debate, defying the rules of the event.

Four of Trump’s five children–Ivanka, Don Jr., Eric, and Tiffany–sat in the front row without face coverings. Melania was pictured wearing one for a little while, but she eventually took hers off, as well.

According to science, face masks, combined with other preventive measures, like frequent hand-washing and physically distancing, help slow the spread of coronavirus. Read all about it here.

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