Jared Leto can’t stop.

For years, the acclaimed actor and 30 Seconds to Mars frontman has dazzled us with mouth-watering thirst traps, perhaps most memorably with a piece of rainbow cake.

And it seems like he’s just hitting his prime. Leto, who turned 51 in December, posted a shirtless selfie on Instagram Wednesday that made the gays and theys squeal with delight.

With this shot, he totally went in for The Kill. (Bury us, Jared! Preferably beneath you!)

There’s a lot to decipher here, beginning with Leto’s washboard abs and chiseled pecs. Then we move up to his full scruffy beard and matted long hair–complete with a red baseball cap over his eyes.

Based on that description, one may assume Leto is at the gym, showing off his bod at the nearest Planet Fitness.

But that assumption would greatly undersell Leto’s artistic aesthetic. We’re talking about the man who lost 30 pounds and waxed his entire body for his award-winning performance in Dallas Buyers Club.

Instead of a standard gym pose, Leto appears to be standing in a dimly lit, tastefully decorated home, complete with all sorts of classy fixtures.

The shot fits with the rest of Leto’s curated grid. Earlier this year, he posted a photo of himself in Antarctica, staring into the camera while wearing an orange winter hat–fuzzy flaps included.

Those icy blue eyes make us shiver.

Leto is more than a gorgeous man, of course. His continued championing for the LGBTQ+ community sets him apart. As an example: he’s spoken extensively about the discrimination that gay male actors still face in Hollywood.

“I definitely don’t think a gay leading man would have the same opportunities as a straight leading man. I don’t think that. Not for a single second,” he told Backstage in 2019. “It shouldn’t be that way.”

When Leto had the opportunity to play a high-profile LGBTQ+ character in Dallas Buyers Club, “Rano,” a transgender woman with HIV, he met with numerous transgender people when researching the role.

Leto became so immersed in the character (remember, he lost 30 pounds), director Jean-Marc Vallée said he feels like he never even met the actor himself. “I don’t know Leto,” said director Jean-Marc Vallée. “Jared never showed me Jared.”

Fortunately, Jared shows plenty of Jared on Insta, and each picture tells its own story. Scroll down for some more of his masterpieces…

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