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Madison Cawthorn praises “genius” Donald Trump: “He’s like a father to me”

Madison Cawthorn on the Daily Caller
Madison Cawthorn (Photo: YouTube)

Far-right Rep. Madison Cawthorn (NC) gave an interview to the Daily Caller yesterday in which he made some outlandish claims and sung the praises of former President Donald Trump.

Asked whether he would throw his support behind Florida’s Ron DeSantis or Donald Trump if they stood against one another in a potential GOP primary, Cawthorn, 26, did not hesitate to say Trump.

“Trump’s become like a father to me. I get to talk to him just about every single day,” Cawthorn gushed.

“He’s incredible – such a genius. Especially if I’m trying to…. You know, being 26 years old, obviously, I don’t have a ridiculous amount of experience of dealing with foreign policy yet, so then if I can just call the President of the United States, the former President of the United States, and say, ‘Hey, what would you do in this situation?’, he can tell me exactly the whole background to it. So, I love him. He’s been very good to me, and so good to our country.”

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Elsewhere in the conversation, Cawthorn appeared to suggest preparing for war with China.

“I think we need to seize every Chinese asset on US soil… We need to seize those assets for the reparations they owe us for what they’ve done to the world. And it will also put us on a good wartime footing against them.”

He also said White House Medical adviser Dr. Anthony Fauci “deserves to spend five years in jail.”

Cawthorn also downplayed the insurrection of January 6, 2021. He not only suggested some of those who stormed the Capitol that day were “actors”, but highlighted the violence that occurred at some Black Lives Matters protests. He went so far as to claim that in 2020, “we had all of our major cities burned to the ground.”

No US cities burned to the ground during BLM protests.

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Online, some wondered how Trump’s actual children might react to Cawthorn’s comments about his relationship with the former President.

Others highlighted demonstrations of Donald Trump’s genius.

Last month, a group of voters in North Carolina launched a legal bid to disqualify Cawthorn from running again. They are backed by progressive nonprofit, Free Speech for People. The voters cited Cawthorn’s involvement in the 6 January attack on the Capitol. Namely, Cawthorn participated in the ‘Save America Rally’ in DC earlier that day, telling the crowd the election had been stolen. Cawthorn also tweeted, “The future of this republic hinges on the actions of a solitary few … It’s time to fight.”

The group of 11 voters drew on an 1868 amendment to the constitution that states no one can serve in Congress “who, having previously taken an oath, as a member of Congress … to support the constitution of the United States, shall have engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the same”.

James Bopp Jr., a lawyer engaged by Cawthorn to fight the challenge, called the action, “the most frivolous case I’ve ever seen”.