Melania Trump’s latest tweet on alcohol and drug addiction seriously backfires

So Melania Trump tweeted about substance abuse and recovery this morning from her official FLOTUS  and let’s just say the response didn’t go quite as planned.

Critics were quick to pounce, taking aim at everything from Donald Trump’s repeated efforts to repeal Obamacare to Melania’s past commitment to address cyberbullying that she never followed through with.

Check out the responses…

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  • Mandrake

    The substance of the FLOTUS’s tweet or any tweet she writes is totally irrelevant. Tweeters are looking for any “opportunity” to attack what she says. If it sounds innocuous, they’ll twist what they need to. Frankly, that is the case with 99% of any GOP or conservatives. A headline will be contrived and they will be criticized or attacked no matter how well meaning.

    • Shane

      Absolutely. It’s sad really and got really old really quick. Instead of trying to really address issues and make the best of the other “team” when they’re in office people are intent on virtue signaling to puff themselves up and fit in.

    • RoughRugger

      She (and the GOP as a whole for that matter) have a lonnnnnnnng track record of tweeting out pablum like this with absolutely zero substance or followup. Why is it a surprise that anyone would respond with skepticism or even full-on cynicism? I mean, do you not recall her blathering about how her pet cause as FLOTUS would be “cyber-bullying”, something virtually everyone found insanely ridiculous considering who she’s married to?

    • Bellerophon69

      America is a “Meritocracy”, in its subconscious at least; positive results will merit praise, while the deficit of them will be met with cynicism. So what “positive results” have come from the Republicans in general regarding what they say vs what they do? Particularly on the issues of health care and the mental health care system, or incarceration and the war on drugs. Bill Clintons efforts in the 1990’s were detrimental, but at least he has the cojones to admit to many of the flaws in both his premise and execution, no such mea culpas from the Conservatives. These tweets send a valid criticism for the most part, as talking the talk but not getting off ones ass to walk it deserves. Put your money where your mouth is; in America, if you want a “trophy”, you’d better do more than just show up.

    • Brian

      I love how you think she wrote that! She wasn’t the typist, and she didn’t even have a part in the message. She’s not “well-meaning” in this instance. It’s not her. You want people to give her credit while you fabricate the reasons to respect her. There’s just no logic in that!

    • DCguy

      The first part of your post was right. The substance of her tweet IS irrelevant because she not only has zero follow through as with her fake cyber bullying campaign, but she is representing an administration that is trying to take away any healthcare.

      So her tweet was tone deaf and hypocritical.

  • Spike

    Melania brought pumps to Texas at a time of severe flooding.

    Leave Melania ALONE!!!!!

    You’re lucky she even tweets for you, bastards!!!!!

    • Mandrake

      You’re so on target, Spike! RoughRugger above is a classic example. Whatever her past, whatever she’s already tweeted, it will always be fuel for attack! Her stilettos were attacked for poor optics even though she didn’t wear them off the plane in Texas. The bastards’ claws are out, Spike, and she will be made to pay the price for every photo, every tweet, and everything she wears! She’s doomed for the next 3 and a half years by every cyber-bully from the left. When the 4 years are up, we can take all the contrived headlines about her and place them end to end. They’ll stretch all the way to Celebrityville in Hollywood and back to Maralargo to make the Guinness Book of records.

    • Bellerophon69

      I guess Mandrake is “Sarcasm Challenged”….

    • 1EqualityUSA

      Her aviator glasses are wearing her.

    • ChrisK

      Yes she did. There’s plenty of picture of her and the silhouettes wandering around with Dump miles away from the plane.

  • ShaugnR

    Give her a break. We all got screwed by him and didn’t have to see him naked.

    • Ruhlmann

      She gets a break when she does something more than look wind swept and fabulous. She was a model, don’t expect much. Marrying Trump is the high point of her life, “sad”.

    • Ruhlmann

      Your comment did make me chuckle though. :)

  • KaiserVonScheiss

    These people just want to lash out. Bet they don’t even know why they are lashing out. It’s the new leftist zeitgeist to lash out without having a well-reasoned need to do so.

    • Mandrake

      I really like that term, “new leftist zeitgeist.” I hope you won’t mind if I use it. It’s very apropos!

    • Heywood Jablowme

      New Leftist Zeitgeist? Wasn’t that Joe Strummer’s band in the ’80s after the Clash broke up?

    • batesmotel

      You know it’s a slow day for folks when they’re obsessing over what kind of shoes she’s wearing. Those reacting over it are embarrassing to humanity. People are drowning and losing their loved ones and homes, and these dweebs are sitting in their holes obsessing over Melania’s shoes or Melanias tweets. For god sake grow up and get a life.

  • Mandrake

    Au Contraire, Bellerophon. Hence my reply.

  • Brody

    Ask yourselves this:
    Who comes across as nastier and less civilized and more unhinged in an instance such as this? Melania Trump, or the droves of seething haters who gleefully pile on to dish out as many childish insults as they can just because they dislike her husband?

    And this, boys and girls, is why you’ll have two terms of Trumpiness.

    • Heywood Jablowme

      I don’t see any “haters” up there, seething or otherwise. There are some funny, witty people, and others solemnly pointing out (for instance) that rehab really needs longer than 28 days to be effective, or that the Attorney General’s proposals are going to make addiction worse, and so on. All true.

      No “two terms of Trumpiness” since his own policies are going to kill off so many of his own opioid-addicted voters. Well, that’s a tragedy of course (snif!) and I will try to remain solemn about that.

    • BigWill

      Oh, Mo, you are the very picture of empathy and compassion. I remember how vociferously you decried all the ugly, racist attacks on Michele Obama and how quickly and passionately you came to her defense.

      Whether Orange Foolius will serve 2 terms, I wouldn’t begin to hazard a guess, as what thinking person would ever believe that this ignorant, racist, petty clown would be elected president in the first place.

  • BigWill

    She is going to make big trouble for moose and squirrel.

  • batesmotel

    Who cares. She’s a fox. The 1st First Lady that straight/bi men have had sexual fantasies about. We all know gay men are just as shallow if the guy is hot.

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