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While Harrison Butker’s verbal nonsense and Omar Ayuso’s backside took over everyone’s social media feeds this week, the political power players were busy doing all sorts of things while nobody was looking. Here’s just a few of the stories that you really need to know about it…

STRANGE TEXT-FELLOWS: Rosie O’Donnell’s unlikely friendship with the disgraced president’s former fixer Michael Cohen is one of the wildest developments exposed in TFG’s hush money trial. [Read all about it on Queerty]

GURL PLEASE: Far-right Republican candidate for Missouri Secretary of State Valentina Gomez went viral and then got royally mocked for her absurdly homophobic campaign video. [Read all about it on LGBTQ Nation]

BLONDE SUBMISSION: MAGA loon Marjorie Taylor Greene tried to come for Texas Democrat Rep. Jasmine Crockett by mocking her “fake eyelashes” and got destroyed with an epic ad-lib alliteration retort.

MAGA MALL MADNESS: Far-right extremist House Speaker Mike Johnson went on an anti-gay rant raging at Target for selling “this LGBTQ+ Pride stuff.” [Read all about it on LGBTQ Nation]

THE CLOWN SHOW: Some bizarro Trump cosplay happened at his hush money trial as the race to be his #2 heated up with a slew of his complicit MAGA cronies racing to the bottom to try and outdo each other in similar getups. [Read all about it on Queerty]

ALPHA MALE BONDING: Anti-gay Missouri Sen. Josh Hawley posted a pic with misogynistic NFL kicker Harrison Butker to flaunt his masculinity… but the internet thinks something else might be going on. [Read all about it on Queerty]

SURE JAN: Anti-LGBTQ+ Colorado Rep. Lauren Boebert gushed over “pretty” Donald Trump and unleashed a word salad trying to convince absolutely no one that the disgraced ex-president is not sleeping during his trial, but actually praying! [Read all about it on LGBTQ Nation]

MAGA FAMILY VALUES: Donald Trump’s lesbian niece explained exactly why Ivanka and the rest of the disgraced ex-president’s offspring aren’t coming to his trial to support him. [Read all about it on LGBTQ Nation]

FOUR MORE YEARS: President Joe Biden issued a proclamation in honor of International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia & Biphobia. Election Day is November 5th.

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