PHOTOS: Lisa Vanderpump, Mary J. Blige, Bryan Singer And A Sea Of Boys At The White Party

More than 30,000 revelers hit Palm Springs last weekend for the annual White Party, the largest gay-dance music festival in the world. They were joined by veteran WP promoter Jeffrey Sanker and boldfaced names like Mary J. Blige, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Lisa Vanderpump (with Giggy, above), porn star Johnny Hazzard and X-Men director Bryan Singer. In addition to Blige, performers at the three-day celebration included Aussie DJs Nervo, pop acts like JoJo and Jessie and the Toy Boys, disco legend France Joli and X Factor winner Melanie Amaro—plus a fireworks tribute to the late Whitney Houston. Click through for more photos from White Party Palm Springs 2012    Photos: Lobeline Communications

 Mary J. Blige with Jeffrey Sanker


Bryan Singer, Lisa Vanderpump and Sanker

Sanker, Vanderpump, Giggy  and Ken Todd





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  • The Real Mike in Asheville

    Oh to shed 25 years and 25 pounds! Parties are parties for having fun, looks like many were having a great time.


    And to those who will be moaning about the hairless/too many-too few tattoos/all-twinks and chasers, etc., White Parties are fun and so are Bear Fests, Leather Days, ethnic/gay prides, the whole slew of gay events. Go to all or go to just your style, but save the hate for Santorum/Gingrich/Romney/all anti-gay Dems/all anti-gay Reps/NOM/Bryan Fischer/Brian Brownshirt and NOM/Maggot Gallagher/Rush/ and the true enemies of freedom.

  • Spike

    21 pics, oh my Queerty got a whole lot of comp tickets this year. Someone needs to tell Sanker that he needs to get him a Manx or at least suck it in when taking pictures.

    Good Gawd, a Burger King commercial star a Real Housewife of BH, how sad. JLo was the first big get, then Lady Gaga seconds before she became HUGE, and now, just sad. Wonder why he bothers, the boys are all rolling on their party favors, they could careless who is there.

  • Jack

    Step off, gurl. Mary J Blige’s Chicken-wrap ad is one of the hottest songs ever. I defy you to un-wrap it (get it?) from your brain.

  • Jack

    Flour tortilla!

  • ewwwwwww

    She’s surrounded by HIV+ pnp Ken doll clones and crystal queens! Those are the type that go to the White party.

  • D P

    @The Real Mike in Asheville: – Yeah, right! …oh, the memories… Mike, if you follow in Ponce de Leon’s steps and find the fountain he sought, let me know…

  • Marcus

    The Real Mike in Asheville is or was a circuit queen who is HIV+ and loves to take loads getting other strains of HIV, give loads therefore infecting people with other strains of HIV, and he liked to PNP.

    Then again people who take events like the (insert color name here) party held in L.A./Palm Springs/(insert gay ghetto here) seriously are the vain type who obsess over youth, worship youth, and then piss it all away by going to circuit parties and getting tweaked out of their skull and becoming old bitter queens like Mike in Asheville.

  • Marcus

    I noticed how this year when queerty actually got invited to a circuit party event, they didn’t write a scathing yet truthful review saying how circuit parties like the white party are for Muscle Marys who love to use lots of drugs and have bareback sex with everyone.

  • Jim

    ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww way too many fugly twinks!

    They’re probably all HIV+, are walking Petri dishes of STDs. and tweaking.

    Who would find anyone like that hot, except someone who was once into that.

  • pickles

    Queerty…. GIRL! Get your galleries to work better. Puhleeze. This pageJUMPINGreSCROLLING crap is very 10- years ago. I want to see the spectical of the wp, and those comical outfits but not at the expense of DOS-era html.

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