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The queerest things coming to streaming in August 2022

Photo Credits, left to right: They/Them (Peacock), House Of The Dragon (HBO), A League Of Their Own (Amazon Prime Video)

Some of us are old enough to remember a time when summer—and especially August—felt like a TV dead zone. Network programming largely operated on the September-May schedule, leaving the hottest months floundering with reruns and dumped projects. It was like you’d already watched it all!

But things have changed so much in the era of peak TV, and streaming platforms, in particular, have ensured that every season, every month, and every day brings plenty of new viewing possibilities. And this August proves it. In the next 30 days alone, we’ll have a spin-off to one of the most talked about series of all time, a reboot of a nostalgic favorite, and the sophomore season of an award-winning series, just to name a few.

As is Queerty tradition, we’ve put together a guide to the best of the queer and queer-adjacent series, films, and more coming to streaming this month. Whether you use Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, HBO Max, or Hulu (or some combo of the four), we have your can’t-miss recommendations for each—and beyond. So gets those watch lists ready; this summer’s still heating up!

What’s new and gay on Netflix in August 2022

The New Arrival: Stay On Board: The Leo Baker Story (August 11)

Photo Credit: Netflix

As the debate rages on over trans athletes in sports, this timely and moving documentary follows one person’s journey to be seen and respected as they really are. Nonbinary skateboarder Leo Baker had Olympic dreams, but decided to withdraw from Team USA ahead of the Tokyo Olympics to focus on their transition. Stay On Board presents a raw and intimate look at Leo’s life in the lead-up to the 2020 Olympics, showing how their courage embodies the true punk spirit of skate culture. The film recently premiered at L.A.’s Outfest, where it won the Audience Award for Best Documentary Feature.

The Deep Cut: Disobedience (August 26)

The same year he gave us the Oscar-nominated A Fantastic Woman, Chilean filmmaker Sebastián Lelio also delivered Disobedience, a film about two Orthodox Jewish women whose mutual childhood crush is reignited with a fiery passion as adults. You may have heard of this as “The One Where Rachel Weisz Spits In Rachel McAdams’ Mouth,” and that’s not incorrect, but the searing drama has plenty else on its mind about faith and sexuality, with two killer central performances, to boot. Yes, we’re always in support of seeing more queer actors in queer roles. But when it comes to Disobedience? She can stay!

Even More Streaming Options:

  • Constantine, 2005 (Aug. 1) – Keanu Reeves stars as the DC Comics antihero, who is now canonically queer.
  • Miss Congeniality, 2000 (Aug. 1) – Sandra Bullock leads this ever-quotable rom-com, one many gays know by heart.
  • Skyfall, 2012 (Aug. 5)  – Is James Bond bisexual? This top-tier 007 flick all but confirms.
  • The Sandman *Original Series (Aug. 5) – Neil Gaiman’s queer-inclusive, supernatural comic series gets the glossy TV treatment.
  • Never Have I Ever, Season 3 *Original Series (Aug. 12) – The beloved coming-of-age tale returns with the promise of a new queer storyline.
  • Echoes, *Original Series (Aug. 19) – Gorgeous Matt Bomer plays it straight in this dark mystery about a woman (Michelle Monaghan) and her missing twin.
  • Queer Eye: Brazil, *Original Series (Aug. 14) – The Fab Five get a South American spin-off.
  • Partner Track, *Original Series (TBA) – The jury’s out on this legal dramedy, but Fire Island hunk Zane Phillips does co-star, so…

Amazon Prime Video’s LGBTQ offerings in August 2022

The New Arrival: A League Of Their Own (August 12)

Batter up! The story of the beloved 1992 movie gets an update and a fresh roster for TV, including Broad City‘s Abbi Jacobson, The Good Place‘s D’arcy Carden, and Roxanne, Roxanne‘s Chanté Adams. If you always thought the original film gave off major gay vibes, you weren’t wrong. According to original All American Girls Professional Baseball League star Maybelle Blair, a significant portion of players in the ’40s and ’50s were closeted queers, and the series aims to pull that to the forefront, bringing us deeper into the lives of the Rockford Peaches. Plus, the iconic Rosie O’Donnell returns in an all-new role!

The Classic: Mermaids (August 1)

What? It’s a Cher vehicle! How could we not give it a special shoutout here. The Goddess Of Pop followed up her Oscar-winning role in Moonstruck in this sweet coming-of-age comedy that isn’t actually about mermaids. Cher plays Mrs. Flax, a mother in the 1960s whose “unconventional” ways complicates things for her daughters (Winona Ryder and Christina Ricci, in two of their earliest roles). As a bonus, the diva recorded a cover of “The Shoop Shoop Song (It’s In His Kiss)” for the film, which was her first solo single of hers to go to #1 on the charts (in the U.K., at least).

Even More Streaming Options:

All that’s gay on the way to HBO Max in August 2022

The New Arrival: House Of The Dragon (August 21)

HBO returns to Westeros for this epic Game Of Thrones series, which traces the beginnings of the House Of Targaryan up to and including the “Dance Of The Dragons” war for succession (we’re hoping this means something to readers of George R.R. Martin’s books because we’re just winging it, admittedly). Yes, there are flying reptiles and palace intrigue and an iron throne, but the prequel has us most excited because it gives up-and-coming nonbinary actor Emma D’arcy a plumb lead role. With a focus on their Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen, House Of The Dragon is said to be a more feminist take on Martin’s acclaimed novels.

The Freak-Out: Under The Skin (August 1)

Scarlett Johansson gives the best performance of her career in Under The Skin, an unsettling slowburn sci-fi from director Jonathan Glazer. ScarJo stars as an unnamed alien disguised as, well, ScarJo, and many of her co-stars are non-actors filmed in unscripted sequences with hidden cameras. Its off-kilter narrative and ambiguity lends itself to queer readings, with some even viewing it as a trans allegory. With an astounding score from Mica Levi, the film will have you on edge all the way to its shocking conclusion. For a movie that sticks with you like this one, there’s really no better title than Under The Skin.

Even More Options:

  • Charlie’s Angels, 2000, and Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle, 2003 (Aug. 1) – The movies that turned a whole generation of girls gay.
  • Ex Machina, 2015 (Aug. 1) – Alex Garland’s sci-fi thriller featuring Oscar Isaac dancing like this.
  • Gaslight, 1944 (Aug. 1) – “Gaslight” is a term in our lexicon thanks to this movie, featuring Angela Lansbury’s film debut.
  • Industry, Season 2 *Original Series (Aug. 1) – The return of the horny finance-world drama that’s not afraid of a little male nudity.
  • Lean On Pete, 2017 (Aug. 1) – A sensitive coming-of-age tale about a boy and his horse, from out gay filmmaker Andrew Haigh.
  • Stardust, 2007 (Aug. 1) – This under-appreciated fantasy adventure has just the right touch of camp. And Michelle Pfeiffer.
  • Belle, 2021 (Aug. 3) – A celebrated anime that’s, in part, about our parasocial relationships with pop stars.

The best and queerest on Hulu this August 2022

The New Arrival: Reservation Dogs, Season 2 (August 3)

FX’s Peabody Award-winning comedy series returns for a second season, again following the adventures of four Indigenous friends just trying to get by in rural Oklahoma. With queer talent behind and in front of the camera—including star Devery Jacobs—Reservation Dogs makes space for perspectives all-too-frequently pushed to the sidelines. That it does so with such winning heart and humor only makes it more of a must-watch. Legendary actor Wes Studi returns in a season two guest role, as does Rutherford Falls‘ Jana Schmieding, plus comedy knockouts Megan Mullally, Marc Maron, and Bobby Lee are all set to pop by.

The Throwback: The Muppets Take Manhattan (August 1)

Please excuse this scorching hot take, but The Muppets Take Manhattan is the funniest of all the Muppet movies—you owe it to yourself to revisit this classic and laugh your felt off. Among Manhattan‘s many pleasures are: Liza Minelli making a cameo as herself, Kermit getting amnesia and believing he’s a Madison Ave “ad man,” an adorable baby Muppets sequence, Miss Piggy getting in a powder fight with Joan Rivers, and the nonbinary Gonzo being their beautiful nonbinary self. Even if you don’t see Jim Henson creations as queer icons, they’re—at the very least—staunch LGBTQ allies, and for that we’ll always love them.

Even More Options:

  • Black Swan, 2010 (Aug. 1) – Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis get it on—what more do you people want?
  • Shame, 2011 (Aug. 1) – This harrowing drama about sex addiction famously features Michael Fassbender letting it all hang out.
  • Password (Aug. 10) – Hulu will be the exclusive, next-day streaming home of this game show reboot, hosted by our favorite meme queen Keke Palmer.
  • The Hate U Give, 2018 (Aug. 15) – Young queer star Amandla Stenberg leads this thoughtful ensemble drama.
  • Stage Mother, 2020 (Aug. 15) – Jacki Weaver inherits a gay bar and becomes an unwitting drag mother.
  • On The Count Of Three, 2022 (Aug. 17) – This pitch-black buddy dramedy is directed by out comedian Jerrod Carmichael.
  • Little Demon *Original Series (Aug. 26) – There’s big Rick & Morty energy in this adult animated series starring Danny DeVito and Aubrey Plaza.

What else is new to the queer streaming world for August 2022

Lightyear on Disney+ (August 3)

As Chris Evans famously said, “This isn’t Buzz Lightyear the toy. This is the origin story of the human Buzz Lightyear that the toy is based on.” That line had us confused enough. But then the Pixar movie hit theaters earlier this summer, where its highly publicized inclusive of a same-sex kiss (that flits by in a matter of seconds) stirred up conservative outrage across the country. Again, we’re confused: What’s the issue here? Some theaters might’ve refused to play it, but now the family sci-fi adventure hits Disney+, where we guess we’ll just have to stream it and decide how gay it is for ourselves.

They/Them on Peacock (August 6)

We’ve been all over the preview images and trailers for this queer subversion of the slasher genre, and now it’s finally (almost) here. The blockbuster-penning John Logan (Skyfall, Gladiator) steps into the director’s chair for the first time, taking us to the shady Whistler Camp, a gay conversion retreat presided over by Kevin Bacon’s creepy counselor. In this real-life nightmare setting, the young queer campers already have plenty to worry about—and that’s before a masked killer turns up to pick them off one by one.

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