The Super Mario Bros. Movie

Thirty years after the box office flop that was Super Mario Bros. — starring Bob Hoskins, first crush of gay men everywhere, and John Leguizamo, pioneering cinematic drag queen — Nintendo’s famous plumbers and their friends and foes are back on the big screen in The Super Mario Bros. Movie.

We doubt we’ll see any queer representation onscreen—this isn’t a Pixar movie, after all—but as any gaymer knows, the Super Mario Bros. franchise has taken laps on Rainbow Road.

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Just think of that boss fight in Super Mario 64, when Mario says “So long, gay Bowser!” as he spins the big brute by the tail.

(OK, fine, the line is probably “So long, King Bowser,” misheard by players after getting garbled by Nintendo 64-era audio compression, as Polygon points out.)

But remember that the sparkly letters on the box art for Super Mario Galaxy spelled out the assertion “U R M R G A Y,” as in “You are Mr. Gay” — and that the Super Mario Galaxy 2 box art responded with “U R M I A Y,” which can be reversed and decoded as “Yeah, I am, are you?”

(The “U R M R B I” sparkles on the Super Mario Bros. Movie poster, unfortunately, turned out to be less bi representation than Photoshop manipulation.)

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Yes, sure, queerness in Super Mario Bros. is probably more headcanon than Nintendo-condoned, but indulge us a Cape Feather flight of fancy and enjoy these many tweets about the franchise’s gayness.

Mario is gay

Luigi and Bowser are gay (for each other)

Princess Peach is an icon for the gays

The whole franchise is gay

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