Todrick Hall in a black and white spotted top on the Rupaul's Drag Race season 15 premiere red carpet.
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After a slew of social media posts from Todrick Hall this weekend, the vitriolic dragging of his new reality show The Real Friends of WeHo has had its flames highly fanned.

Todrick, alongside costars like Brad Goreski and Jaymes Vaughn, has been facing a tidal wave of backlash since the program was announced earlier this month. Viewers objections to the casting of the controversial Big Brother star, allegations of casting discrimination against an OnlyFans star, and the series’ alleged interference with this season of Rupaul’s Drag Race have led to mass trolling on the show’s social media accounts and score-bombing on sites like IMDB (1.2/10) and Rotten Tomatoes (4%).

Outcry against the show was initially intensified when it was announced that Drag Race episodes would be shortened to an hour this season (as opposed to their previous 90-minute runtime) and would be immediately followed by the new program in an attempt to “build a destination night ” of LGBTQ+ programming at MTV. Fans quickly launched a petition to have the runtime reinstated and to have Real Friends taken off the air entirely. The petition currently has over 30,000 signatures.

While the rest of the cast has weathered the sh*tstorm facing their show mostly gracefully, Todrick is doubling down. This weekend, he posted a video seemingly trying to clapback at the haters by recreating the famous Regina George “fugly slut” scene.

Not totally sure what the clapback is here, but it’s been clapped:


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He’s mined Mean Girls for viral video content for a decade with parody videos like Mean Boys and Mean Gurlz, so at least there’s something to be said for consistency?

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This video came in between handwritten diatribes chastising the gay community for not supporting LGBTQ+ programming. Yes, attacking fans of Rupaul’s Drag Race as being unsupportive of the platforming of queer voices. No, he doesn’t see the irony.

He published the first nine-page letter before the show aired:


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The second four-page note came after the premiere:


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In the caption for this second post, Todrick claims that MTV didn’t shorten Drag Race for Real Friends, but so that it would fit into syndication more easily with their other hour-long shows. This doesn’t really shake out as the channel infamously airs literal hundreds of half-hour Ridiculousness episodes each week, but it’s an interesting theory!

For those needing a tl;dr, the notes essentially boil down to “this internet hatred takes a big toll on me” (valid) and “why do the gays act like crabs in a bucket” (almost valid). He also fights claims about not owning his house or paying his rent and not paying his dancers, the latter of which he claims only happens on projects where they discussed non-payment ahead of time.

There’s a long, long rabbit hole of other controversies and accusations to fall down with Todrick, many of which we’ve covered in the past, but suffice it to say these ones he’s attempting explain away are the pearly white, squeaky clean tip of the iceberg.

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The star’s MLA-formatted, double-spaced argumentative essay against the gays did not, predictably, turn most into supporters. It seems to have mostly deepened some already deep-seated resentment.

As Saucy Santana once said, “One thing about the comments — they are not on your side”:

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